Successful Affiliate Websites You can Learn from

Successful Affiliate Websites You can Learn from: The best way to succeed in doing a thing is by learning from people who have become successful in doing that same thing.

There is a saying that you have to be conversant with, and it goes thus; what works for any affiliate website should also work for you.

Below are the websites that can readily inspire you to focus more on making your affiliate website a success:

Successful Affiliate Websites

Home grounds (Successful Affiliate Websites)

Home grounds

This is a three-year-old website with a domain rating of 63 and a ranking of total keywords up to 133k.

They currently have an estimated traffic of over 244k, and they are all organic.

The site teaches about brewing and enjoying good coffee.

We can say it is one of the most Successful Affiliate Websites.

Why they are thriving

According to the founder, he noted many things that have made them better over the years.

He said three things which are;

He said they do the reverse-engineer of their competitors through Ahrefs Site to find suitable backlink content and options.

He then further said that if a link can work for their competitors, it should work.

He said they commit more to publishing quality content on the website.

This is because coffee making market is open, and they will undoubtedly love the content that solves problems, rather than the content created to focus on keywords.

They also study the keywords in more detail and consider the search’s purpose, not just the search size.

From a financial point of view, a topic that ultimately works best is rarely popular.

How to use their techniques

What works for them can do for you too so that you can replicate their result by;

Doing extensive research on keywords and finding potential topics for leads.

Create content that fits your search purpose and outperforms every other quality.

Create content links by copying the strategies your competitors used in building their connections.

Dog food advisor (Successful Affiliate Websites)

Dog food advisor

It has a domain rating of 76 and has been active for 11 years, and it boasts over 500k traffic.

And the rank keywords are totaling up to 203,000.

What makes them do well is narrowing them down to a single niche.

It is a pet niche, but they chose to niche down to dog food only.

That is too one of the Successful Affiliate Websites.

Why they are striving

The market for pets is huge. In 2019 there was an estimation that up to $75b was spent on pets.

And the estimate only for food cost $31b.

This is the key to the success of the site.

Instead of focusing solely on a pet or the pets’ food, they decided to focus only on a portion of available pet food, which is Dogs.

The global keyword search term for dog food is 117,000 times every month.

What you can learn from them

Have a content hub

Content that links to other content because many types of dog food can be used for various breeds and uses, it is impossible to give a proper answer to the question of what the best food for a dog is in a single article.

What happens is that the page will contain internal links to more professional articles on the subject, enabling the readers to select the items that interest them most.

Besides, providing an enjoyable surfing experience for readers’ content hub also helps your SEO.

Create valuable content:

Do not rely solely on the review content and create many informative articles that will benefit the readers.

PC part Picker

PC p+art Picker

This website is about the right pc part if you ever think of building one and guidance on building a Pc.

The websites boast over 3 million traffic, and they focus more on content.

It also lies in the category of Successful Affiliate Websites.

What makes them useful?

Their methods are so exciting as it differs from the usual affiliate method of using the review content or the BEST articles.

Many people want to create PC themselves, and they help them determine the right component to use.

Their website solves this problem by allowing you to purchase the latest computer parts according to their performance and cost.

It will then automatically match them to check for the compatible one.

Then you can now make your purchase directly based on the one you choose.

The most crucial aspect is the level of trust they have built with the users.

The most prominent issue of affiliate marketing has they recommend products that have the highest commission.

And which ultimately undermined people’s confidence and led to the collapse of many affiliate sites failing.

But their method is fair.

They do not impose any particular product on the readers.

The only thing they do is let users select based on configurations and then charge for that option.

What you can learn from them

Not all affiliate sites need to earn through content.

A lot of ways are available for an affiliate site to achieve success and create excellence.

Look deeper into your niche and check for a problem that needs to be solved.

Then figure out whether you can create free tools to help the situation and potentially generate revenue in the process?

Equip board (Successful Affiliate Websites)

Successful Affiliate Websites

With a domain rating of 58, the website boasts over 300k traffic.

The website is all about the tools and gears used by musicians.

What helped them most is USP, they were able to determine a unique selling point (USP), and they maximally used it.

It is one of the Successful Affiliate Websites.

Why are they doing well?

What they do is focus principally on the best keywords in their niche market.

Although it might be typical for affiliate websites, they also deal with affiliate marketing from a different perspective.

Their most powerful technique is that the website has many pieces of equipment and instruments famous by celebrities.

And they are brilliant to do that because most people want to be like their favorite musicians.

They want to use the same musical gear and equipment as them.

What you can learn from them

I noted earlier that the Equip board has its USP; they could research their unique selling point.

So also, as an affiliate, you must be able to explore your USP.

The wire cutter (Successful Affiliate Websites)

Successful Affiliate Websites

This is perhaps the most popular amazon website presently.

It was founded by Brian lam.

The domain rating of the website is currently 82 and boasts of estimated traffic of 4.1 million.

They now rank about a 3.7million keywords.

it is also one of the Successful Affiliate Websites.

What are they doing well?

When it comes to product reviews, they are the king

. They rank higher on mostly all product review pages on google.

As far as it relates to gadgets, what helps them most is honesty.

They are very transparent enough to correctly and ideally test every piece of equipment before they were reviewed.

They are also wise to understand the need of every reader.

They Have their methods to meet your needs if you are not a fan of reading lengthy articles, and If you can read, they have a load of it available.

What you can learn from them

Put more attention to meticulous research and take your time to create the best product review in your niche.

This might involve personally testing the products you are writing about and determining every creative way to craft them.

And peradventure, you are just starting and can’t afford the products you are promoting, then give time to research more about the product.

Go online, read more about the product from different websites, and get information from people’s reviews on other affiliate websites.

This will make your readers have much confidence in you, but it will also help you build many backlinks.

Moneysaving Expert

Successful Affiliate Websites

With estimated monthly traffic of $8M, and domain authority of 77.

The website Is a finance website based in the UK.

This should serve as motivation for you if you are an affiliate marketer.

Because the site started with one man, and it grew to become significant.

The affiliate website is targeted at the British population.

Its techniques to only promote or review products that are very useful for the audience have developed a very high brand image.

The website grew and the former owner sold it for 87m pounds.

If you look at it today, MSE may seem like a great affiliate website, and you might think the feat is impossible for you.

Learn from them, and let me remind you that you will eventually achieve success with affiliate marketing if you keep on providing value.

It is too one of the Successful Affiliate Websites.

Why they are doing well

They focus on solving people’s problems through honest reviews and detailed comparisons.

And they also have a lot of free tools and resources available on the website.

What you can learn from them

Even if it is at the expense of sacrificing profit for some time, especially for the first sale, make sure you bring the value and best deals to your visitors, as this means that they will be loyal supporters of your site and return.

The honesty in your content and advertising policies can make you a trusted affiliate.

Incidentally, a lack of trust is one of the biggest obstacles for users while making purchases online.
Look for a way to add new tools to your website.

Ensure it is free, and one or the other must solve people’s problems.

For instance, MSE has an online calculator that users can utilize in calculating their loans.

Consumer search (Successful Affiliate Websites)

Successful Affiliate Websites

They have an estimated traffic of 800k, boast 219k backlinks, and currently have a domain authority of 67.

As the name suggests, it helps consumers research the best and most authentic products in various categories.

Like the wire cutter, their strength lies in the openness and honesty of their reviews.

Consumer research has existed right from 2000, and there are many reviews across all product categories.

Each review contains a separate buyer guide, which outlines general factors that consumers should note when purchasing a specific product.

Their contents are always very good informational, detailed, and of quality.

They are handy, and many of their reviews are relevant. They are focused mainly on product reviews.

What you can learn

All things aside, your most significant priority as an affiliate is to build a robust public image.

Do not be focused on sales, and then you displease your users.

Always be oriented towards giving out qualities and values.

Gear Patrol (Successful Affiliate Websites)

Successful Affiliate Websites

This website is a lot different than the ones we have been reviewing.

It has an estimated $2.1 million per month, 658k total backlinks, and a domain authority of 70.

They mostly promote amazon products.

Although, it does have enough detailed content as some other sites on this list.

They made up for this flaw with pictures that are high in quality.

Each product review they publish provides various quality images from different angles.

This also has enabled them to generate a lot of Instagram and Pinterest traffic.

The website initially started as an affiliate, but as years go by, they have changed most of its revenue source to Google Ads and through its e-commerce store.

What you can learn from them

Never undermine the value you can derive from using a quality image on your website.

Featuring different images in your reviews not only makes them attractive but also helps to optimize your website.

Most of the affiliate websites only use any image they get their hands on or anyone they find on the affiliate website.

Still, invariably, it is visible from Gear patrol that buying a product yourself and personally taking the picture will help optimize your website.

Above is the list of affiliate websites where you can replicate their success.

Most of them started as a one-person websites but grew to become great affiliate websites.