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Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing in 2020: Affiliate marketing over the years has gained huge popularity. It is one of the best mediums to make a healthy passive income. It all depends on how one starts the journey of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting products of other people and earning a commission on it. People can do affiliate marketing for as many products they want and make income through it.

To have a clear understanding of how affiliate marketing works it is very necessary to know what people are involved in this marketing process. I hope this will be the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing in 2020.

A guide to affiliate marketing helps you to create awareness of someone else’s product and then earn money once the product gets bought by someone who buys the product from your platform. An affiliate marketing system consists of four main parts or associates.

These associates help run the cycle of Affiliate Marketing. To know more it is very necessary to have a clear idea of the various parts involved in the process.

There are in total four parts that help affiliate marketing run which are the merchant, the affiliate, the consumer, and the network. Below is a brief discussion on all the four parts that make affiliate marketing success.

Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing in 2020:


Merchant is the creators of affiliate marketing. They are the person who starts the cycle of affiliate marketing. The merchant can be anyone starting to form an entire company to a single person. Merchant is the people who create the products.

Merchant can be a company itself that is willing to affiliate its products for marketing by any individual or a company.

What is interesting is they do not require being personally involved and still make profits. What they all require is a product to sell. This product then is advertised by affiliates on various online platforms to generate buyers.

Any merchant is more than willing to host someone that has the capability to sell its products. Merchants may be the main characters of affiliate marketing who actually give birth to the process but are incomplete without any affiliates.

Anyone can be a merchant provided they have some product or service to offer. Merchants looking to create a new product and are not sure how to get it sold can go for affiliate marketing as it is the best platform to get started.

This platform enables you to meet affiliates who are willing to advertise your product on various platforms online creating awareness and generating sales. Merchants can earn even while sleeping as they have affiliates to look after the whole marketing process of their products and services.

Take for example you have a career consulting organization and you are looking for students. As a merchant, you need to create an affiliate program inviting affiliates to market your consultancy. Having an affiliate program gives your marketers or affiliates to directly earn a commission with the entry of new students brought to the consultancy by them.

Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate: The ultimate guide to affiliate marketing in 2020

Affiliates are also called as publishers and hold a great value in the affiliate marketing process. An affiliate can be anyone starting right form an entire company to a single person. There is no end to income for an affiliate as it totally depends on how good one is in advertising and selling products. Affiliates start the marketing process of products.

They are the persons who let the world know about the products that are in demand. An affiliate promotes products of merchants and earns a commission on them. There is no end to the number of products that n affiliate can promote. Also, an affiliate has the right to promote various merchant products on its platform.

The process might seem tough in the beginning as many people think who will be buying products from my platform when there are so many mediums of advertisements already available by the company. This thought is wrong as an affiliate in real tries to increase traffic to their websites where they are promoting goods of various merchants.

Process, in the beginning, might look difficult but with time the website starts getting acknowledged and also sees huge traffic. There are many affiliates around the globe who started from scratch and are making millions to this day. Sheer determination and patients will get you there.

Start with a certain niche of products. For example, you can start by simply selling sneakers of all brands. Make sure to keep the affiliate website attractive and limited to sneakers.

This will give you a good customer base as all customers looking for the latest sneakers will start visiting the websites. Do not expect all to buy a product but with time as more visitors start increasing customers would surely start buying from your affiliate website.


One of the most prominent parts to aid the affiliate process is consumers. Consumers are the king and without them, there is no affiliate marketing. They are the persons who are going to make this affiliate marketing process work.

Consumers visit these affiliate websites and make decisions on purchase. Any purchase takes place everyone in the network i.e. the merchant and the affiliates earn from it. The earnings for affiliates per sale are minimal but with an increase in sales, there is huge money affiliates can make over a certain period of time.

Affiliates try to market the products to consumers on the various platform they fill is fit to do so. Affiliates can take on various platforms like social marketing, digital billboards, or through a search engine. There are various methods one can use to create awareness of a certain product for consumers worldwide.

Affiliates can let their consumers know about their process or keep it hidden which is not an issue. Many affiliates these days let their consumers know that the y are purchasing through an affiliate program.

This will create a transparency between the consumer and the affiliate which is somehow good in the long run. Consumers tend to go back to affiliates that provide good products and are always updating their websites.

Consumers are also interested to be a part of this cycle as they get the awareness of new products and services available in their region. Visiting these affiliate websites will help consumers choose their favorite products in the comfort of being seated at their homes.

Also offers and price reductions on particular websites encourage consumers to keep buying and help affiliates to gain commissions.

Consumers are anyways paying the same amount as the affiliated cost is already calculated in the purchase. Affiliates too do not turn up earning a lot by a single sale but can obviously make it big in the long run.

Consumers are always looking for new products that appeal to them. Any affiliate who has understood the consumer need can always satisfy them providing products that they are looking for.


Not all take network as a part of the affiliate marketing process but this is one of the most prominent parts if we look carefully in it. The network between the merchant and the affiliate is how an affiliate program works. There are various merchants who allow affiliate marketers to earn a commission based on their affiliate program.

In such instances, affiliates need to undergo the program and register in order to start earning a commission. Affiliates can start marketing for the merchants are creating a network that allows automatic commission payment on the sale of a certain product.

The network is very necessary if you are thinking of starting an affiliate marketing program. It is of utmost necessity to have a transparent network with the merchant in order to have healthy income without any issues.

The affiliate network can provide a huge platform to select products that are available to the market by the merchant. The network has a very vital role in signifying the whole affiliate marketing process and thus it is very necessary to have healthy relations over the network with respective merchants.

Take for example Amazon affiliate network. Any affiliate who wants to start selling products of Amazon needs to undergo an affiliate program in order to learn and build a god network. This network will allow affiliates to market a wide range of products that are available in Amazon and gain commission from it.

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the most popular networks where there is transparency giving a boost to many affiliates all over the world.


Knowing the four main parts of starting an affiliate marketing process will provide you with an upper hand. This will let you know where you exactly fall and how to get going with the entire process. The whole aim is to create awareness and sell your products and services.

Getting the right knowledge about the entire system will provide a systematic approach to it and help minimize any errors. As for affiliates, the affiliate marketing process is one of the biggest platforms to sell products and services and generate huge income over time.

Learning the main people involved and all other parts needed to get the affiliate marketing process running is rewarding. The journey initially might seem difficult but with time there is a huge growth for affiliates in this field.


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