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20 Myths about Passive Income?




Myths about Affiliate Passive Income: Long gone are the days when earning money from your ‘blood and sweat’ was the only way to obtain a luxurious life and live it. The period of toiling under the sun or burning the midnight oil was seen, shown, and understood as the only path towards prosperity and success.

Now, the times are advanced and hence, more uncomplicated too. Sit back into the comfort of your couch and work from home for the money! One can create, compete, and flourish by the strength of one powerful idea.

One such very sought after and popular form of easy income is what is called Passive Income. Passive income simply defined means income earned from minimum’ active effort or involvement ‘.

Some examples include income from partnerships, rental properties, digital businesses, etc. This article will talk about affiliate passive income, specifically. The term ‘affiliate’ broadly implies selling products of someone else.

Affiliate Passive income is one of the many easy flicks of earning money. The idea is definitely alluring. With absolute comfort and nearly no hard work, let’s mint money! The genie has knocked on your door finally! Now, you can lie down all day while the bank balance takes care of itself on ā€“ its ā€“ own. Sounds Dreamlike? Certainly.

Well, here is the much undesirable pinch on the arm for a much-required awakening. This dreamlike description of passive income is actually how many people understand it or at least feel about it. It is one of the many myths about affiliate passive income that people think is true.

As compared to a fulltime job of 7 to 8 hours, of course, there is more comfort, ease, and independence in this method of earning money, but it isn’t a magic trick either as touted on social media and countless pop-ups or alerts that you receive throughout the day.

In this article, let’s scrutinize this concept and debunk 20 myths about the affiliate passive income that people think is true.

myths about the affiliate passive income

1. Affiliate marketing is an easy cash cow for passive income.

One of the most misunderstood myths about affiliate passive income, as briefly mentioned in the introduction, is that this method is a genie, yielding riches. No. It is not. It is not quick. It is not guaranteed, and it is not a piece of cake.

Affiliate passive income requires thorough planning and strategy to reach fruition. For a site to even get to the first page of search results, especially in competitive niches, it takes more than six months, at least.

Of course, exceptionally high-quality content might get a good chance earlier, but it also doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye.

2. Diversification of income sources is not required.

Even the most flourishing business can go belly up for multiple reasons. It’s a basic principle for the sustainable success of business models that always have more than one source of income. Hence, product diversification.

One example is of an interior designing blog called JustAGirlAndherblog. It is based on an affiliate model.

With the gradual growth and popularity of the site, they added new elements and services for diversification, like mentorship programs, online courses, etc. Therefore, following a single product loyalty principle is just one of the many myths about affiliate passive income that needs to be rectified and unfollowed.

3. Doing any online business comes under passive income.

This one is the most interesting myths about affiliate passive income. The internet is full of ideas for passive income ventures like blogging, creating videos, advertising products on your social media handles, designing t-shirts, and whatnot. Some of these have been mentioned in this article too.

All these options truly require your time, money, and energy. The mode being online doesn’t circumvent the cost of your time and effort given. The broad usage of this term might simply mean a ‘supplementary or side source’ of your income.

Otherwise, as per validity, examples that fit the best in the affiliate passive income category are ā€“ rentals, car advertisements, investment in stocks, setting up a vending machine, etc.

4. After creating your revenue source, you can leave it for self- maintenance.

Vigil tracking, active updating, and constant customization is a must for maintenance of consistent revenue flow.

myth about affiliate passive income

5. It is a permanent and reliable solution to your financial problems.

This is one of the most-risky myths about affiliate passive income that can create a wrong trajectory for your plans at the very outset. Needless to establish, the algorithms and traffic dynamics on the internet are predictable to none. So, the online mode always comes with the risk of untimely rupture. Beware!

6. Blogging is a must.

It would be wrong to deny that blogging is indeed a desirable requisite for multiple reasons. But it isn’t the only recipe for success either. Social media and Email marketing have also proven to be quite successful methods of affiliate passive income.

7. Merely writing a blog can be lucrative.

False. You might be an expert on your subject and be capable of writing an incontrovertible thesis on the most challenging topics, but if your blogs aren’t smart enough to yield business, there is no use. Your blogging must be able to grasp the right nerve for business and monetize it. It depends on a lot of factors like networking, topic selection, keywords, etc.

8. There is a scarcity of profitable and new niches.

Looking into the ever-growing internet population and consequentially increasing interests, opportunities, and hobbies, this myth about affiliate passive income surely needs to be busted. There are plenty of unexplored niches to be dug into.

9. Customers don’t trust affiliates.

Well, data shows otherwise. A study by Rakuten Marketing found that about 61 % of consumers had no problem exploring sponsored links provided they trusted the marketer. Building a trust bond can surely lead to a growing client base.

10. If you are an affiliate, you don’t need a marketing strategy.

Wrong. There are thousands of people writing reviews about various products or recommending them somewhere or the other, thereby even unintentionally marketing a product or at floating around its name. This doesn’t beget them stacks of money from the owner. A successful marketing content strategy encompasses the reliability of information about the product and many other elements that make the content useful.

myth about affiliate passive income

11. Expertise at your subject/product is a must.

This is one of those myths about affiliate passive income that are partly true for obvious reasons, but then they also come with a hint of oversimplification that needs to be checked. This is what we are doing here. Of course, expertise ensures credibility, but expertise itself comes with the subjectivity of knowledge levels.

If your knowledge about the product you are selling is at any level more than the person who wants to buy it, it’s a form of expertise coming from you. Therefore, call it a strategy or a simple trick, but knowledge disparity here plays the actual game.

12. Technical skills are needed for marketing.

Not really as much as intent, innovation, and an enterprising mind.

13. ‘Google Search’ will make you what you wish to be.

Again, one of the myths about affiliate passive income that needs urgent correction. Absolute reliance on Google for people to reach you is more or less an extremely careless notion. If you are an affiliate marketer, you have to make yourself accessible more variedly.

14. Passive income is ensured with high traffic.

High traffic on websites needs a successful conversion into clientele. People or customer must click on those links and buy the product for you to start earning.

15. Blogging is destined to fail.

This myth about affiliate passive income relates to an assumption about the success rate of one of the most popular means of generating affiliate passive income. Successful blogging requires a good sense of networking, content creation, and revenue potential. It is undoubtedly challenging but not a fool’s errand.

myth about affiliate passive income

16. Affiliates just need to create and not update.

This simply means that you cannot evade away from learning along the way. It’s a process full of rapid growth and changes. For affiliate passive income one has got to be proactive.

17. The moment to begin is Now!

Though it is an oft-repeated axiom or mantra for success, it merely translates as a myth about affiliate passive income in terms of being impulsive rather than ingenious. Planning is a must.

18. Your best chance is Real Estate.

Although property dealership begets excellent value, other facets of real estate like rental management require more hard work than it seems.

19. Just go with the flow.

A better approach is to direct the flow. As mentioned before, proactiveness and efficiency are the keys to consistency in this form of income generation. While creativity emerges with time, a stock of ideas always comes in handy. It helps prevents a vision block.

20. You need a huge capital to kickstart.

Not really. Anyone with a sorted budget and correct planning can try their hand at it.

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