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How To Generate Best Leads With Minimum Traffic in 2020?




How To Generate Best Leads With Minimum Traffic in 2020? Driving organic traffic towards your eCommerce site can be a herculean task, especially if you are just starting off. You might face a host of challenges and find it really difficult to generate the leads you are actually expecting. You have tried a bunch of SEO techniques and worked hard to get the maximum conversion rates. But something might be missing that’s causing the lag or not allowing your portal to rank higher on the search engine result pages.

Well, all you need to do is simply relax for a while and speculate. Forget about your products or services for some time and focus only on your long-term goals. Think carefully, how many of the people in your target group actually knows about your brand and what it is offering. If possible, do random research in the general public, such as by asking members in your target market common questions about their likes and dislikes. Ask them whether they are aware of your brand, what you sell, and how your products/services are going to help them.

Once you have a clear picture in your mind, let’s come back to the question of how you are going to boost your leads, even while having the minimum traffic. So here are some top tips that might help you achieve that.

How To Generate More Leads With Minimum Traffic in 2020

1.  Creating lead magnets is the ultimate way!

Being a start-up, you may not have the required money for self-promotion. But the truth is, you need to create some brand awareness, mostly because it is going to pay off in big numbers in the future. For that, the only way out is probably by creating high-quality content by focusing on your keywords. Also, you need to keep on remarketing your brand, and the best way is perhaps by creating an email list. Moreover, building mailing lists is an excellent start for effective email marketing.

There can be various kinds of lead magnets, including infographics, webinars, free trials, quizzes or polls, special offers, contests, and other such customer engagement programs. Whatever your targeting approaches, your sole aim should be to make sure your users are satisfied and that you reach a border customer base. You must focus on adding value to your visitors, and if you think that implementing only one or two marketing techniques is doing the job, then you are good to go!

If you are running low on budget, then you can definitely stick to social media marketing, which requires minimal costs. In fact, running ads on social media channels is probably the best way to reach out to and aware a large group of interested buyers. You can run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, apart from Google AdWords, of course! These channels alone will drive more than half of your traffic and that too, in the most cost-effective way.

2.  Focus on blog posts

Agree or not, but blog posts have been the most indispensable marketing tools that act as the principal driver or organic traffic to your online store. Moreover, it’s free, and you can gain the maximum leads without shelling out huge sums. To be in the good books of Google, you must create high-quality and high-value content by including specific keywords. Make sure that your content is following all the SEO guidelines and also, check that it matches the lead magnet you are using. Besides, don’t miss out on adding calls to action to your posts to have an immediate effect on the reader.

Of course, one of the most important steps to follow while writing your blog posts or creating other content (such as video content) is to focus on your titles and description. Consider using strong and compelling action verbs and create a powerful headline to make the reader curious to click on your post and learn more about what you have to say.

As per the studies, 8 out of 10 read a headline, and only 2 out of 10 actually go ahead and click, if s/he considers it worth reading. And according to yet another study made by ClickFlow, a tool for A/B testing your headlines, it is reported that headlines having action verbs received more clicks, and hence, more organic traffic.

What’s more, writing an appealing headline will not only boost your clicks but also would improve your search rankings. Because as your page gets an increased number of clicks, shares, and backlinks, Google too, receives the signal that your site is trustworthy and is able to add value to the users. Google then ranks your page higher to enable more of its users to get valuable information, along with a good searching experience.

3.  Optimize your web pages

Consider this as an ultimate truth in the world of digital marketing, no matter whether or not you generate enough traffic. Nothing can get you leads if you don’t optimize your web pages right and work on proper keywords on a regular basis. All your lead generation efforts must be centered around your website, and you must work on holding your visitors for long. Because there’s no point generating leads if they start leaving without taking the desired action, giving you nothing except for an increase in bounce rates.

What should you do to make sure your visitors stay? You must optimize your website to the point that it persuades your potential buyers to do an action that might ultimately lead to adding products to cart and proceeding with the checkout process. In between visiting your website and making the final purchase, there are a host of steps that you need to manage, such as updating regular blog posts or other audio-visual content, such as videos, infographics, contact forms, brochures, sending newsletters or even optimizing your website images. Moreover, you also need to make sure that your site offers easy navigation, and above all, it is highly flexible and mobile-friendly.

The sole aim of any lead generation process is to persuade your visitors to end up giving their contact information, such as name, phone numbers, email address, and other attributes that will facilitate your selling operations. You can also use platforms that offer readymade SEO-friendly and optimized page templates, plugins, and other such tools to help you generate more leads and conversions.

4.  Engage with your leads directly

Nothing is more impactful and persuasive than directly communicating with your leads after they have given you their contact details. You might use live chats, online help centers, and forums to engage with your consumers directly and address their queries instantly. Today’s audience has grown smarter and hence, more impatient, and your leads won’t wait for long to get a positive and favorable response. You can’t afford to waste even a single second in this fast-paced world, and your sales team should be agile enough to be available for your visitors the moment they land on your site.

Email marketing and sending custom messages are other effective methods of driving leads by engaging with the customers directly. Because emails and SMS have the highest chances of being checked on a regular basis. Besides, it renders a sense of immediacy and compels the user to carry on with a specific action.

Many companies stick to indirect methods, like FAQs, and offline chat. But these won’t do any good. You need to monitor the activities of your sales reps to make sure that each of your customers’ queries and doubts is handled with the highest efficiency. In short, none of your prospects should be dissatisfied or left waiting to the point that they leave and never arrive again!

5.  Invest in smart technology

Today’s new technology is a trendsetter in the digital market, and implementing some of the smart tools and devices will skyrocket your leads. With smartphones evolving and artificial intelligence taking center stage, you must take the help of the latest instruments to make sure you impress the modern customers. After all, keeping up with the change is the key to success, and you cannot generate enough leads if you don’t follow the trend.

Your campaigns must target primarily the mobile users who spend most of their free time checking out some YouTube videos, social media feeds, or browsing through making apps. So building a mobile app for your eCommerce business would be a wise idea, especially when the overall app market is continuously growing.

As per the app revenue generation estimates, a $935 billion rise is predicted in 2023. Other technologies include chatbots having machine learning skills, voice search, virtual reality, big data, beacons, blockchain, 5G, and the most popular Internet-of-Things (IoT) and smart wearables. Experiment with them and see which ones bring in the most leads.

Key Takeaway for How To Generate Best Leads With Minimum Traffic in 2020

To conclude, even if you are a start-up and don’t have enough traffic, you must take care that you follow the above marketing strategies to generate the desired leads. There are many other strategies for getting leads, such as marketing automation, looking for more potential leads using databases, and finding leads on Twitter. Make sure to keep up with the trends and mix and match several lead generation techniques to see which among them works the best!

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