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Learn How to Create Killer Mobile Landing Pages: 10 Tips




Mobile marketing is gaining momentum every day. The number of users using mobile devices continues to overgrow. By the end of 2020, their number will reach 210 million. According to analysts, this number will increase to 276.3 million by the end of 2025. The requirements for mobile advertising campaigns are becoming stricter. Users are becoming more demanding and impatient. It’s more challenging to keep them on the mobile landing pages and convince them to complete the conversion action. And this is not surprising: the pace of life is accelerating. Processors in smartphones are gaining more and more frequency, and keeping up with technology is becoming more difficult every day.

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According to research by web marketers, 74% of consumers using a mobile device do not give more than 5 seconds for a web page to load. If this does not happen, they close the tab and look for another option. The same study is also demonstrated by more frightening figures. According to it, more than 46% of consumers will not return to the site if it did not work properly during their last visit. The possible problems can vary depending on the website (the content was displayed incorrectly, the download took too long, the page was unavailable, etc.).

Naturally, in this “scenario” – there simply will not be a conversion. Therefore, now we need to focus on optimizing our mobile landing pages to make them a useful, relatively inexpensive source of leads. As a result of a well-built strategy for a mobile advertising campaign, you are highly likely to increase the conversion rate. Eventually, in the end, it will increase the number of real sales.

1. Say “No!” Flash technology.

Under no circumstances should Flash be used on mobile landing pages. For most users, support for this technology is disabled in the “default” mobile device browser. Also, it affects the loading speed of landing pages (far from for the better) and is often the cause of various “conflicts” in the software.

2. Minimize the lead form.

If you are engaged in lead generation, the mobile Internet will open up enormous opportunities for you (there is nothing easier than filling out a form during a trip on the subway. However, do not forget how tedious text input on a smartphone is. Reduce the number of “required” fields to a minimum (name, phone number or email).

Remember that even on standard destination web pages, a large number of fields reduce the conversion rate. The more fields – the lower the conversion!

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3. Make the CTA elements (buttons) more visible.

Button design has a significant impact on conversion rates. Make the CTA elements on your mobile landing pages as bright and large as possible to highlight them, to make them more visible. Remember that buttons should look like buttons – make them “classic” in shape so that the user does not have to search.

When developing a design, consider the features that display mobile features too. Do not make the call-to-action element too small to be easily clicked on. Work on the text of the appeal – it should prompt action (“Call now!”, “Order!”, Etc.).

4. Image size matters.                   

Despite the tendency to “increase” inches in the diagonal of touch displays with increased resolution (up to Full HD), do not use “giant” pictures. Consider that at a very high resolution, with a relatively small diagonal, it is a very difficult read. It becomes impossible to get the small details of the image, and the text is not readable at all.

If the display resolution is low, then the large image simply does not fit on it. A two-sided scrolling appears that erases all your efforts, even if your page is perfect in everything else. Usability will be at zero.

About too small images with low resolution do not speak at all. They will spoil the impression so much that it’s hardly worth counting on the user to purchase the product shown on it (or press the button, which is a solid “artifact” ;-)). Therefore, do not forget that all images must be adapted to the display resolution of the mobile device.

5. Only one touch.                         

Most people using smartphones do all the manipulations with one hand. Therefore, an essential aspect of usability is the number of scrolls. Horizontal scrolling is wholly excluded (if it is not intended as a design element), vertical scrolling should be carried out with one touch.

6. The only one targeted action.          

Due to the limited space of the mobile landing pages, make sure that the user performs precisely the action that you expect from him. Exclude all unnecessary navigation items on it.

Remember that the presence of links to third-party resources (sites) can lead the user away from your mobile landing pages. Given the features of working with a touch screen, the user can even click on the link by accident and leave the page forever.

7. Be more creative!                       

Your proposal should attract attention. Think of the AIDA formula and use it every time to develop content. You should catch the user’s attention within 2-8 seconds. So try to make the proposal more attractive and focused.

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8. Do not forget about relevance.          

Users come to your page for a specific request. Make your proposal strictly correspond to it (be relevant). Strict relevance is the key to success.

It is unlikely that the user will want to continue the search (again enter the text from the virtual keyboard, wait until the page loads, etc.) If he found what he was looking for on your mobile landing pages. 😉

9. Use the mobile Internet segment more actively. 

Mobile advertising is not very popular so far. This is very unfair, given the speed of distribution of mobile devices and low cost per click (CPC). Start capturing smartphone users from today! Make mobile Internet a constant source of additional traffic.

If you catch the wave today and find out what users want, then tomorrow they will surely become your regular customers. Do not lose sight of the ideal way of feedback. If you are engaged in generating leads, then “live communication” is the one you should go for. Correspondence with mobile users is not very appropriate.

10. Test, test, test!

Only regular split testing (A / B testing) will be able to give objective data on what exactly affects the conversion. Allow enough time for it (at least 2 weeks) and test all the significant elements (button, lead form, image). Pay particular attention to find the optimal size for each item. Perhaps by increasing/decreasing this or that element, you can increase the conversion several times.

Remember! The most important thing for mobile marketing is the usability of the web page!

You can order a unique mobile landing page design. Don’t forget to take into account all the features of a professional lp generator designer.

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