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How to build a successful Amazon affiliate site in 2020




How to build a successful Amazon affiliate site? You are new to affiliate, and you want to be careful enough, so things will not go wrong and want to be successful. First, you should know is that no affiliate helps you make money overnight. It will consume your time and your energy and money, inclusive.

So, if you want quick money, you can do well not to make affiliate as part of your options. A little thing as skipping details may screw up your affiliate marketing dream.

Amazon affiliate program is the most extensive program available, there have been a lot of reviews (both positive and negative) on the internet from amazon affiliate program participants. The affiliate program can be rewarding and, at the same time, full of loss.

Affiliate marketing is a game, and it is a game of selling other people’s products in order to generate profit. But there are principles that govern the game of affiliate marketing. So as to be a winner in this game, you have to follow the necessary guidelines.

All being said, Affiliating with amazon is a lucrative business, but you still need a support website to attract prospective customers.

Creating your own website is inexpensive, requires minimal effort, and in most cases, the creation takes a day. However, creating a membership site is just the first step. The task is to attract good traffic: when customers click on your affiliate link, this leads to profitable sales. For best results, select a niche with promising traffic.

How to Build A Successful Amazon Affiliate Site:

Research your niche

how to build a successful Amazon affiliate site

When it comes to having products for sale, Amazon is a giant, and they have a wide lot of products you can gain commission from. They are currently the largest e-commerce store. So, there is a vast opportunity for you to choose your desired products.

However, do not focus on products that may be competitive, because as a beginner, you might not have enough traffic to competes with the more prominent websites. Go for a niche that is not so popular but will yield a considerable turnover in sales.

You may try niching down if you want to go into home improvements, you want to niche down into selling home products needed in the kitchen. Or trying researching the keywords of users. Only long-tail keywords will give you the exact product that buyers are researching for.

The short tail might be attractive and tempting with much search volume on it but also comes with high competition. And also, So, I advise you to choose niche products that have mass consumer demand.

Also, I suggest you choose a niche product with huge consumer demand. In addition, if you cherish or understand this area, it will bring you an absolute competitive advantage. Therefore, it is advisable that you at least write down topics that you will develop for these products. 

Set up your Website

build a successful Amazon affiliate site
Young modern casual designer sitting by desk in front of computer screen and working with websites stuff among colleagues

There is affiliate marketing you can do and earn on without having to set up a website or a blog, but to make the most out of affiliation with amazon, you must have a website. 

  • Get a domain name: Try to be smart and take a new domain name that relates to your product niche. The domain name must not be lengthy and it must able to come quickly into remembrance. It must correlate with the niche.
  • And check with online software the availability of the domain name. You might need to pay for the domain. Although, most web hosts offer a free .com domain name when you subscribe to one of their web hosting offers annually.
  • So instead of buying a domain name and web hosting separately, you can make a profit if you put both in the same basket from the same reseller
  • Get a domain extension: Domain: There is a lot of domain extension that you can choose with your domain name. Some of them are limited to geographical locations, while others to their range of coverage. Some are generic, sponsored, and non-sponsored.
  • Some are limited to organizations, NGOs, government, and special bodies. Depending on the use, it could be personalized or specialized. Examples are.com, me. to. org.name and .net. For governmental use, we have .gov and for geographical locations we have .be, .co, .fr, .de and .UK.
  • It is vital that you know the extension that you use; some providers have the same drawbacks, Google and other search engines are not friendly with their extensions. Too much abuse by hackers and malicious people and some may not be good for search engine optimization.
  • Because of the purpose of affiliate marketing, .net and .co might be advisable, but if you want to rank more on your national search engine. You may use a locational extension
  • Use WordPress as the blogging platform: So, content marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic. But you need an excellent website to compliment it.
  • In my personal opinion, I strongly recommend that you use WordPress, it is simple and easy to use, and first of all, it is free. Also, I think it is also suitable for SEO as a beginner. Besides, there are variously free or paid themes, and some specialize useful for Amazon affiliates. However, you can use other platforms like Wix and Joomla
  • Let the design be flawless and straightforward: While content is essential, the design is becoming more relevant to consumers.
  • The advantage of Word Press is flexibility. Therefore, WordPress provides many themes that can offer more freedom and control. Plus, you can easily connect an autoresponder to improve communication with potential customers quickly. The autoresponder is an effective way to have ROI and earn a commission.
  • Optimize your website: Depending on how smart you are in Amazon affiliate marketing; you might not need an ad before you start generating sales. Optimizing your website will do well to replace this. Optimization is very important as it will lead to organic traffic right into your website. 

Improve traffic before registration

There is nothing bad about using your newly created website for the Amazon affiliate program, but I will always prefer you have some traffic on your website before you register. It would do you a lot of good if you could just build the reputation of your website before connecting Amazon to it.

Users would have developed good trust in you, and that will make the sales equally faster. Amazon’s affiliate takes time, so you might just need to chill a little bit and get a reputation for your website. One of their conditions is that you must have three sales in the first 180 days, and you would not want to risk things.

Terms and condition

Please do not joke with their terms and conditions, understand it very well, and follow them to details. The most painful thing about them is that once you breach their condition and you are penalized. You will lose all your earnings too.

It is a habit for us as an internet user to neglect the content in the terms and condition and just go ahead to accept them. Amazon affiliate marketing should be an exception to this. Prioritize their terms cos they do not joke with it; once you violate, then your earnings will also pay for it. And you won’t want to lose everything you have worked hard to gather all this while. 

Only Amazon

Some affiliate marketers combine amazon with other programs, but I will advise you don’t do the same. The stress of the Amazon affiliate program is enough for you. And I see it as a risk, diversifying attention on too many affiliate programs will not get you a maximum result.



This is essential to make people buy and to keep them coming back. Do not focus only on the “money contents” but also gives them more informational content. And let your content be known for quality always.

Content is king, they say, and everything that we do in life has to deal with content. You may have enough money to run ads or professionally design your website. Search engine optimization and other strategies may lead people to your website, but what keeps them there is the content. And the same thing that keeps them coming back is content. 

A lot of affiliate makes mistakes prioritizing sales over the content on their website, and this has led substantially to a lot of failure by the affiliate marketers. What you must know is that you need something that will be valuable to offer your users apart from leading them to make sales.

This will allow them to develop a good faith in you as they will understand you care more about them than the sales you will make through them.

Take, as an instance, a more significant affiliate website that has made a lot of success in affiliate marketing. Sites like wire cutter and another more prominent affiliate. They offer a lot of informational content to users.

And they spend a lot of time researching and testing products before they write on reviews. It is essential that you spend quality time crafting out desirable and valuable content for users. Be honest and transparent with your articles, do not make a claim that you do not understand or that you are not sure about.

If possible, to be clear enough with your review articles, test the product personally so you will be sure about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of such a product. And if you are under budget and could not afford the product. Dedicate your time to researching well on each product before you write reviews about them.

Note this: Not all contents should be directed at making your audience buy. Post free content that they can benefit from; in fact, most buyers love it when you are interested in making them buy and also giving them useful content.

Studying and Emulating Successful Amazon affiliate website

There is a whole lot of successful affiliate that you can research on and emulate what makes them successful. The method for achieving success is the same for every affiliate website. What works for wire cutters can also work for your affiliate website.

In fact, one of the most excellent ways to win in the affiliate game is to continually be on a lookout to check what works for your competitors. The owner of Home grounds correctly notes this; “that if it can work for their competitors, then it should work for them.”

You don’t want to become wise from your mistakes in affiliate marketing because they can cost you much. Instead, look for a website in the same niche as yours and learn everything about them. And then, you can eventually develop them and apply them to your affiliate website.


Now that you have all that it takes to make it as an affiliate, you can do well to start affiliate marketing with a mind that you are a winner. Follow the guidelines, and you are sure to achieve success. Big players in the Amazon Affiliate program did not make it by following any complicated different rules. The rules for making it in the Amazon Affiliate program is the same, simple and can be understood by anybody. You just need the ability to be able to play by their rules, and then success will await you.

A little takeaway

  • Develop meaningful content to solve the problem of your readers and to help you build backlinks
  • Provide some solutions free of charge
  • Optimize your website to generate organic leads and for an excellent user experience
  • Learn from experts in your niche
  • And play by the rules of amazon

The patterns of rule for success in Amazon Affiliate is no more than this. Everyone only adapts it from their perspective to work towards achieving success.

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