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The best future of Digital Marketing in 2020?




How Is Digital Marketing in 2020? Times are changing, and digital marketing strategies are taking a new turn, especially after the global pandemic hit the world economy hard. In these tough times, you need to be more careful about your online advertising techniques, since people would generally grow more cautious about where they spend their hard-earned money. With price hikes and people losing jobs, buying new things apart from what’s necessary would be the last thing they would do.

The only option left is to be more flexible about what you are selling, and try incorporating the day-to-day necessities, or provide competitive prices and other offers. Also, make sure you are following the highest safety measures while delivering your orders and opt for contactless options wherever possible. It doesn’t matter what your industry type is; to keep up with the market place and to stand out among your competitors, you need to adapt the latest trends and adapt yourself to changes.

Having said that, here is a list of the top seven trends of digital marketing we will see in 2020.

How Is Digital Marketing Going To Be During 2020

1.  Smarter ad bidding

With smarter ad bidding algorithms introduced by Google, such as automated ad bidding through machine learning, monitoring Google AdWords will be more effective than before. Facebook, too has improved its ad strategies and holds a good market position in terms of revenue generation from ads. 2020 is bringing smarter and more creative ad bidding options for eCommerce brands.

Smart and automated bidding comes with various kinds of bid strategy, including Target ROAS, Target CPA, Enhanced CPC, and Maximize Conversions. Advertisers can experiment with a combination of these strategies to get the best results and have the most competitive bidding opportunities. Moreover, Google and Facebook are also providing more event-based and local-business ad support to make the advertisers and local users know each other better.

2.  Chatbots are going to dominate customer support service

The modern AI-based chatbots act as a virtual ‘concierge’ to bridge the gap between the customers and sales reps. Chatbots are one of the most efficient tools that guide your visitors into completing their desired goals faster and more seamlessly. Chatbots, having machine learning skills, are designed to interact and engage with humans more naturally. The communication usually takes place via text chats; however, verbal interactions are possible as well.

The best thing about chatbots is that these collect data insights and learn from past customer handling experiences to improve its services and response time. Also, they learn more about their customers and their behaviour and demands, and thus learn how to provide more drilled down and targeted responses to every query.

Today, bots can handle almost all customer management services, starting from giving weather reports, to personalising the experience for each user, such as answering specific consumer queries and guiding them to the right path. The idea is to automate the maximum customer support functions and offer more focused interactions without taking much help from human resources.

3.  Good quality content remains in the list

No, content hasn’t lost its importance, and it is still the ‘King’ of online marketing. It’s just that today, the context of any content matters the most. In fact, it has grown smarter and more ultra-targeted. Of course, the quality is always going to be important in content marketing, and you need to focus on making your blog posts or other content more informative and well-researched. Also, as per the latest trends, you need to work on long-tail keywords rather than the generic ones to generate the maximum leads.

The new-gen consumers have grown smarter and wiser, and they know what’s right for them. They have become more selective about their purchases, and they will compare several websites and brands before hitting the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button! Well-written content and catchy headlines not only make your audience read your article, but also increases your customer engagement.

The blog posts that receive the most views and shares draws the attention of Google, who sees that your content has the ability to increase the experience of its users – the thing Google is only concerned about at the end of the day. Therefore, it ranks your page higher on the SERPs to facilitate the experience of the visitors.

As per the latest algorithms of Google, the search engine giants are given the ability to detect natural language usage from the search queries the users make. This made Google come up with new recommendations for online marketers – that rather than following the latest SEO trends, they need to ensure that their content is well-written and has useful links. Also, eCommerce stores must have a fully optimised, website having mobile-first approach, and of course, fast loading speeds. To rank higher on Google, you need to aim at improving your page load speeds to less than half a second. The threshold limit for any website to receive acceptance is 2 seconds.

4.  Video marketing, of course!

Needless to say, how we love to see videos every day during our free time. Video marketing is one of the most effective online promotion strategies in 2020, and they have a sense of immediacy and urgency. Engaging videos can influence the buyer’s decisions and s/he would actually go ahead and check out your products or services after watching a short, crisp and compelling video.

As per the studies, 72% of the businesses believe that stunning video content has increased their leads and conversion rates. Although text-based content has promising lead generation capabilities, it is hard for blog posts to compete with engaging and more persuasive video content. When it comes to the matter of promoting products and services online, the trick to reach your target market faster is through videos marketing. These days, live videos get more preference, and it is the most effective form of digital marketing.

Moreover, having smartphones at hand, netizens find it hard to resist themselves from watching short and compelling videos almost every day. Besides, since the lockdown rules have been imposed in countries across the world due to COVID-19 outbreak, people cannot help but pass their free time browsing YouTube and watch some shorts quickly. What’s more, we tend to share videos more often than we do for blog posts. In fact, we have gradually shifted from being readers to watchers.

5.  Voice interaction rises

With the advent of voice assistants like Google, Siri, Alexa, among a list of other smart devices, the methods of verbal interaction have taken a turn. Today, we all use voice assistants in our smartphones and make them run small errands, like “Sing a song”, “Tell me the weather”, “Lead me to so-and-so lane”, etc. In short, we human beings like to talk and make verbal interactions with even the non-living or inanimate objects.

Machines are taking to this trend to enhance interactions with human beings. They are designed with the ability to identify and analyse the way people search, look for new things, the path taken to discover a new product or service and the way they shop. Learning customer behaviour has helped chatbots to understand them better and hence, can address their specific needs.

However, managing voice search queries can be very different from the standard text-based search queries, with the major difference lying in the search results. In a text search, each result page is displayed at a time. However, when a person verbally tells the device to look for something, only a few choices are given with minimal results. In some cases, the visitor might only be shown only one search result.

This makes it more challenging for the marketers to rank higher so that Google shows their page. What could really help you master the voice search strategy is to be more relevant, use specific and more focused keywords to create an optimised and personalised customer experience. Also, while you are targeting voice search users, make sure to use a very conversational tone, such as by using more natural and human-like language in which we speak regularly. This will make Google covet your page as a featured snippet.

6.  Omnichannel marketing is getting more importance

Omnichannel marketing involves marketing your products and services across various channels or platforms, that include apps, social media, email, and of course, through your website blog. This helps youtube connect and engage with your potential buyers on more convenient online platforms, thus offering better customer experience. Moreover, omnichannel marketing drives more leads and enhances user engagement up to three times more than that in single-channel marketing.

As technology continues to improve with more AI-based devices and tools, users become more active on digital channels. Companies are now able to average machine learning and valuable, insightful data to understand their customers better and track how they behave on various media channels. This would enable you to deliver more seamless services across all your channels and thus, generate more leads and conversions.

Final Words About How Is Digital Marketing in 2020?

Living in a competitive world, marketers need to implement more innovative and creative marketing trends to survive. However, apart from the above, you can always go ahead and experiment with other trending digital marketing trends of 2020. These include long-form videos, social media stories, shoppable posts, voice search adoption, podcasts, predictive marketing, and of course, paid advertising outside Google and Facebook.

It’s good to see visitors coming in from such a wide range of channels, which enhances customer journeys, and hence they would keep coming back time and again!

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