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Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2020




Many bloggers and influencers partner with best high paying affiliate programs for a steady income. They promote electronics, clothing, accessories, sports equipment, technical items, gadgets, home décor, and a wide variety of products to earn a commission for every sale. Every time a user clicks on the ad and purchases the product from the affiliate link, the marketer gets a small percentage of commission on the item. 

If you don’t have your own products and services, then affiliate marketing is the best method to monetize your website and promote special and exclusive deals. You can present quality and special deals to your audience through your blog and earn commission on every sale. Before we get to the best high paying affiliate programs for beginners in 2020, let’s have a look at the meaning of best high paying affiliate programs and how they help you make money from blogging.

What are the best high paying affiliate programs?

best high paying affiliate programs

In simple terms, the affiliate program refers to a deal between the company and an influencer, in which, the company promises to pay a certain percentage of commission to the influencer for bringing traffic to their website. Basically, the influencer has to market the brand through their social accounts, websites, blogs, emails, and other digital channels. Some of the common types of affiliate programs are:

  • Review Sites
  • Blogger and influencers
  • Search affiliates
  • Coupon sites
  • Email marketing

The company gives the influencer an affiliate link, which is used to track the clicks. The links are tracked with the help of cookies. There is a specific lifespan of cookies. So, your customer needs to purchase the product within this period. If the cookie expires, the link will no longer be traceable. As a result, the influencer won’t be paid a commission.

So, if you have just decided to monetize your website and partner with the affiliate programs, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we’ll show you the 6 most popular and high-paying affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Let’s get started.


affiliate link

HubSpot offers advanced tools that streamline the management and marketing operations for large-scale companies and SMEs. The main objective of the company is to offer tools that help businesses with marketing. The HubSpot is one of the best best high paying affiliate programs.

The commission you earn from HubSpot for each sale depends on the product tier. For example, if the customer purchases a starter pack from your affiliate link, then your commission will be $250. If you get your customers to purchase the Professional and Enterprise level solutions, then you will receive $500 and $1000 respectively. 

This means you can make up to $1000 per product i.e. if you sell the enterprise growth suite. If you sell 5 Enterprise-level products a month, then you can earn up to $5000 every month. 

The affiliate program is especially recommended for bloggers who have a large business audience. If your content focuses on businesses, finance, economy, and other similar niches, then HubSpot will be your best affiliate partner. The cookie lasts for 90 days.

2.Constant Contact

affiliate programs

Constant Contact provides bloggers and eCommerce websites with quality email marketing tools. The platform allows users to develop advertisements for social media marketing. 

The affiliate marketing conditions are quite simple. You get the company a qualified lead and Constant Contact will pay you $5 for every new sign up. Remember that this commission is just for the signup. If a customer signs up for the free trial, then the company sends you $5. If the subscriber becomes the customer by purchasing their product, then you get $105. 

The company provides all its influencers and affiliate marketers with a neat dashboard, promotional materials, and support services. If you think your audience is interested in email marketing tools and they may want to purchase the Constant Contact products, then it is worth a try. You can earn up to $105 for every customer that pays to create a new account.  


affiliate programs

Shopify is renowned as one of the leading online drop shipping industries. It has earned the best reputation over the past few years. Thanks to the 500,000 Shopify stores that sell a broad range of products. The company offers a secure and affordable CMS to people planning to digitize their business. Shopify offers everything an online business needs for sales and marketing. It provides you with web hosting, content management tools, website, and content analytic tools, payment processing, shopping carts, inventory and delivery management, and more.

If your target audience is the aspiring eCommerce store owners, then Shopify is an ideal option for you. It offers a 200% commission on each sale. You only need to convince your audience to purchase the monthly subscription that costs $2400. If you manage to get your audience to register for the Shopify account, then you will get $2000. So, you only need 2-4 people to sign up for the program. That’s it! 

In addition to the whopping commission, Shopify offers free content and quality support to its affiliate partners. It is free to sign up for the Shopify affiliate program. The only problem is that you will need a niche audience i.e. people who are willing to set up their online eCommerce store.


affiliate programs

Hosting over 2 million blogs and websites, Bluehost has become the user’s favorite hosting service provider. Not only does it offer the best hosting services, but Bluehost has a fantastic affiliate program. If you are planning to monetize your website, then Bluehost can help you make a significant amount every month. You can promote its products either through banner or link. 

For every sale, you earn $65. It is absolutely free to become an affiliate marketer for Bluehost. Once you have joined Bluehost as an affiliate member, it starts to track each lead that comes from your blog or website. They make sure you get paid for every qualified lead. The company also has affiliate managers that are available 24/7 to offer personalized support service. 

5.Amazon Associates

Amazon is the customer’s favorite shopping platform. No matter what product you are looking for, Amazon has everything. From electronics to clothing to home accessories, you name it and Amazon has it. Amazon has set categories for each type of product. So, the amount of commission you earn per sale depends on the type of product you market. Basically, the commission rate is between 1% and 10%. 

The best products you can market through Amazon Affiliate Program are clothes, skincare, and luxury items. They can make you a 10% commission per sale. The major advantage of promoting Amazon products is that it is one of the trusted marketplaces. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people shop from Amazon. Another benefit is that you get to target a wider audience. Since Amazon sells different types of products, you get plenty of options to choose from. If your website is based on interior décor and furniture, then you can promote home accessories and the latest appliances. If you have a fashion and skincare blog, then you can promote the latest clothing and beauty products. 

The best part about the Amazon Associate program is that if a user purchases the product from your link and ends up buying a few additional items, then you will earn a commission for each product they purchase using your link. Let’s say you promoted the stylish party-wear shoes for women through your blog, the user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase. They not only purchase the shoe but buy a matching dress and some trending accessories as well. If that happens, Amazon will pay you for all the items the customer has added to their shopping cart. Many people make thousands of dollars every month through the Amazon Associate program. 

The only drawback is that the commission rate is relatively lower than other online affiliate programs. You could also sign up for the social media affiliate program given that you have a large number of followers on your social account.


affiliate link

Recognized as one of the world’s largest and most popular travel and tourism websites, TripAdvisor offers the travel lovers an opportunity to decide the place to stay, things to do, the best restaurants to eat, sights to see, flight or cab booking, and other options. TripAdvisor presents over 200 hotel booking websites. You can check the room availability and other features of each hotel and compare the prices. 

TripAdvisor pays 50% commission to the websites, blogs, and other advertisers who manage to bring people to the TripAdvisor partner website. The biggest advantage is you don’t have to wait for the users to purchase their product to earn a commission. You will receive a commission for every user who clicks the TripAdvisor ad or banner on your blog. For each click, you can make between $0.15 and $0.75. Since your earnings depend on the number of clicks rather than the purchases, it makes sense for the program to offer a low commission. If you receive large traffic on your travel blog, then you must consider collaborating with TripAdvisor.


Coursera is a famous course-selling brand. It has more than 1000 courses ranging from digital marketing to artificial intelligence. The courses cover video lectures, regular assignments, and some interesting and educational puzzles for learners. 

Coursera has a strong affiliate program. It offers 20 to 45 per cent commission to their affiliate partners. If you manage to sell their courses to a large number of customers every month, then you will qualify for their bonus as well. The best high paying affiliate programs work on the link-based system. It is best for the websites that receive school or college-going audience.


The world’s popular skincare and beauty brand, Murad is gaining great attention from millennials. They treat multiple skin conditions and resolve customers’ skin concerns. The brand has launched many skincare products in the market. These products are used for the treatment of acne, premature ageing, and cellulite. The Murad is one of the best high paying affiliate programs.

For an order worth $90, the affiliate partner gets approx $10 from Murad. You can use ad banners and links to promote Murad skincare products. The brands keep on introducing interesting promo deals to improve your marketing efforts and drive more sales.


Unbounce is a one-stop platform for startups and SMEs that want to build quality landing pages for their eCommerce websites. It offers a 20% affiliate commission to each member that refers their program to customers i.e. when the customer purchases the services. What else? People visiting your website and social accounts can claim a 20% discount on the services for three months. 

So, not only does it benefit you by offering 20% commission, but it is useful for your audience too. The platform offers quite a few customized tools to provide the best possible support to the affiliates. They offer a clean dashboard, where you get to track the clicks, conversions, and other details. If you have a website that encourages businesses to optimize their landing pages for higher conversions and better search ranking, then you can partner with Unbounce for affiliate marketing.


Missed one of the best high paying affiliate programs For Beginners 2020? These are the top choices for best high paying affiliate programs For Bloggers that must be prioritized in order to increase affiliate revenue this year.

Most of these affiliate programs for bloggers also have a low barrier to entry, so they should be relatively quick and easy to subscribe, even if a relatively new blogger is just starting a blog.

If you are a member of other best high paying affiliate programs For Bloggers you want to share, add them to the list in the comments below! or write at Blogbind.com


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