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How to Build a Reliable Affiliate Network from Scratch in 2020?




Starting an affiliate network from scratch might turn out to be a very profitable business. There are certain rules that you need to follow in order to build a reliable affiliate network from scratch that can bring in business. There are various methods you can go for but be very careful as not all can turn out profitable.

Affiliate marketing requires a good network in order to be recognized in the wide market. Affiliates have to be very strict with how they plan and execute operations as a single wrong decision can lose your website image in the market.

First of all, you need to offer good products that people are really looking for. Having something to offer that everyone is looking for is always a profitable one. Once you have products that are sure to attract consumers then you have arranged for affiliates. Try to attract affiliates that are popular as it will help the product be seen and get slowly established in the market. Affiliates have a wide consumer base that can help your product be seen. In between, there are a lot of things that you need to keep track of. Things like traffic, conversions, the performance of your affiliates, and many more need to be tracked from time to time.

Having some knowledge of digital marketing can aid the process of creating a successful to build a reliable affiliate network scratch from scratch. Digital marketing helps a lot to gain advertisers and affiliates towards your network. With the use of digital marketing, you can establish a network from scratch very easily. Affiliate marketing these days is done using various tools and software’s that can help design the platform for networkers and advertisers.

In order to have a reliable network that can bring in good business, you will require following certain steps. These steps will help you establish yourself in the affiliate industry and make a name for your products. A reliable network is something very hard to create with so many affiliates and products rising minute by minute. There are many people who would have many steps to describe you the same.

Below are mentioned some of the main points that you need to follow in order to build a reliable affiliate network from scratch.

Steps to Build a Reliable Affiliate Network From Scratch:

Find Partners for your network:

Products without any compelling offers gradually do not last long in the affiliate market. The competition to lure affiliates and advertisers to your network is very rare as there are many networks already available. Partners that you are looking for already have products that are booming which needs more attention. At this position, the first step you can take is to make your product be seen in the market. For this, you need to have a specialized product in your network that can lure more consumers.

Partners will help you establish your business in the market as they provide products and have a good reputation in the affiliate market for a very long time. What depends is how you make it roll once you get introduced to certain partners. Make sure to start the affiliate marketing process at double the pace once you get advertisers. Advertises are the very first partners that you will need to get established in the affiliate market.

Specialize in a single product to attract more partners:

The process is very simple. You have to choose a particular product that you want to list on your network. Networks that have many products selling find it very difficult to last in the affiliate market. Choose one product line for example you choose sneakers and then list only sneakers from various manufacturers in your network. This will gradually pull consumers who are interested in sneakers to your network and finally have many consumers. You can choose any specialized product and start advertising it.

Having a particular specialization of product in your network will bring partners that are into the same line of products. This will start to generate businesses as many partners already have built a reliable network. There are many marketers who especially advertise branded products and are doing a very good business. Their quality as a marketer and good network help them market branded products. It is first good to start with a single specialized product and later as you keep climbing the stairs of success you can go branded in no time.

Protect the advertisers brand reputation:

Now that you have created a good network of advertisers it is very necessary to keep their brand reputation. In affiliate marketing, there is nothing much to worry as all depends on sales. If there is a sale then advertisers pay you or else there is no income. Make sure the network has good sales along with ad placements. Advertisers also keep monitoring the referrals on their sales. They can easily ascertain whether a particular network is giving business or not. It is thus very necessary to protect the brand reputation that you are endorsing in your network.

build a reliable affiliate network

Find Affiliates:

After you have built a good network of advertisers and find your business is profitable start looking for affiliates. These affiliates will now help you to grow your affiliate network from scratch. There are certain points to be kept in mind before looking out for affiliates. Not every affiliate in the wide market is willing to work for you. Many are established with other networks and only a good proposal can make them divert their interest towards you. Once you have got the affiliates than much of your workload will be minimized.

So, in order to get affiliates to your network you have to follow these certain rules mentioned below:

  • While pitching for your network provides affiliates with solid numbers. Let them know that you are well established in the market and working with you might bring huge profits to them.
  • Provide offers both to the affiliates and on your products. This will encourage them to market your products. When there are incentives and products that have good offers running throughout the season more affiliates are interested to work.
  • Work in advance with your partners and advertisers to create compelling offers that can lure more affiliates to your network. Change visuals and designs if necessary to bring in more affiliates.
  • Pay your affiliates in time or whenever they require it. Paying in time helps you retain your affiliates even during bad times. Affiliates that are getting paid on a regular basis for their hard work will be more inclined towards your network. Set aside their commissions the moment you earn form a certain product from your network.

Affiliates are very important to give wings to your network. Once if you are able to maintain a good number of affiliates who are diverted for your products then there is more traffic towards your website or channel. This in return will increase the business and create a good customer base over time.

Keep a track on every aspect of your network’s performance:

It is very necessary to keep track of every aspect of the network’s performance in order to run a profitable business. Install a tracker system that can provide you daily updates of conversions, performance, and all other details. There are many tools that help to build a reliable affiliate network from scratch by owners to keep track of everyone’s performance and ascertain business position easily. Try assigning users to workspaces. Workspaces are some of the finest affiliate marketing tools that provide limited access to affiliates to measure their performance. You can also affiliates see their performances and decide work management as per that.

You can also use real-time reports to analyze performance and share it with your advertisers. These real-time reports are generated in all segments like performance, sales, conversions, and many more. All these reports can also be shared with the affiliates in order to let them their performance. You can also provide campaign URLs to affiliates. One way to connect and keep a record of your affiliates is by designing a campaign and then sending the URL links to all your affiliates. Send all the affiliates their URL links and then affiliates can work on them using their own tracker if they like.

Affiliates are a very important and significant aspect of an build a reliable affiliate network from scratch. Only, a network that has affiliates performing well and is also well equipped with all marketing tools can prosper in this line of business. Keeping affiliates satisfied and well equipped with all parameters can increase interest and improve the performance of the affiliate’s overtime.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most prominent businesses these days that require more knowledge than capital. Carefully following all the steps mentioned above will help to create a good to build a reliable affiliate network from scratch and bring in business in no time. With the help of affiliates and advertisers, you can make your network grow over some time. Building a network from scratch is a really hard thing to do as it will require a lot of dedication and hard work. Giving priority to all the steps mentioned above will help you establish to build a reliable affiliate network from scratch that you have been thinking to build for a long time.

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