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Some Quick Tips About Affiliate Marketing for beginners in 2020




Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry and it is the right business to be a part of in this era. Affiliate marketing is one of the best options for doing business in the year 2020. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products of a different company in various online platforms through affiliate links. Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020 is a great journey to earn more money.

When someone clicks on this link and end up buying the product then affiliates earn a commission. The concept of affiliate marketing for beginners is gaining huge popularity as it requires very less or no income to start with.

Affiliates are like the salesperson of a particular company. The difference being an affiliate is that you can sell as many products you want, unlike salespeople who sell only one company product. Merchants provide affiliates with a unique affiliate link.

These links are used by affiliates to promote their products on various platforms online. Using this link affiliates try to bring in consumers by applying various methods like creating blogs or videos. There are various ways of setting the links in various online platforms.

To start affiliate marketing successfully it is very necessary to follow the steps mentioned below. These steps help to understand the overall affiliate marketing process. There are a total of 7 steps that need to be followed to set up an affiliate network capable of giving good earnings over time.

How to Get Started: Affiliate marketing for beginners

Create a platform to start the affiliate marketing process:

The first step is to decide on a platform where you can drive consumers to visit and help raise sales through affiliate marketing. There are many platforms that you can choose to get started. Even Instagram and Facebook are good platforms to start marketing.

Some of the best platforms to get started are blogs and YouTube. These two platforms have their significance and are believed the best platforms for beginners. As beginners, it is very necessary to set up these platforms to generate consumers over time.

Starting a blog is one of the simplest things to do as they are cheap and easy to operate. There are also plenty of tutorials available online which can guide beginners to take the right step. Optimize the site for search engines and then add the links to your blogs. Another method is using YouTube as your platform. YouTube is the best platform as it is completely free and can increase viewers with alluring videos. Make sure to add affiliate links to your description of the video.

Choose a particular Niche:

Now that you have set a platform it is very necessary to select a particular niche that you would be concentrating in. Selecting too many different categories of products can harm your affiliate network as there might be confusion among consumers. Having products that address a particular niche will help you to create a customer base that is interested in your products only. Keep your content and video consistent. Many of the affiliates lose interest if they are not consistent enough. Regularly keep updating new content to your site as consumers are willing to read anything new.

Keep your topic related to your niche and gradually you will find a wide consumer base looking for your affiliate site. Put affiliate links that are related to your topic and are similar. For example, if you are writing on food then make sure to have affiliate links that are related to food products. This will drive more foodies to your blogs and help increase clicks in your affiliate site.

Join an Affiliate Program:

Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020

Joining an affiliate program will help beginners learn the various tools and software’s used to get clicks converted into sales. There are three types of programs that you can choose from. These three programs are named High Paying, low volume affiliate program, low paying, high volume affiliate program, and high paying, high volume affiliate program. Now it might sound very confusing and I know a lot of you might be thinking which program is the best for me. The answer to this question depends entirely on your niche and the expertise that you have.

If you are mainly targeting consumers than low paying, a high volume affiliate program is best for you. If you are going for a business audience than high paying, low volume is the better option. Like this as per your expertise and niche, you can select the right program for yourself. These programs generally teach how to use various software and web hosting techniques to succeed in the affiliate marketing industry. These programs can be searched easily by looking for the right program on Google. Once found you have to still a form and start the program.

Create amazing content to drive consumers to your affiliate site:

Content is the king and one who can write good content can make it big in the affiliate marketing industry. Playing it smart by creating content that is eye catchy and alluring to readers is rewarding in the long run. Try to create content where you can fit your affiliate links very naturally. Write content that helps solve your viewer’s problems. Visitors to your websites are looking for interesting content to read and having content that makes sense will automatically drive readers to click on the affiliate links.

You can take up product reviews and make really interesting and informative content and guide users to use and know the products. Readers are willing t buy products that can avail information on them and guide users to use them. Sometimes it is better to purchase a product and then use it to make original reviews. Reviews like these will help generate more interested consumers who somehow end up buying the product.

Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020

Help drive traffic to your affiliate site:

Affiliate marketing for beginners – Now that you have got content that is eye-catchy and interesting to read you need people to read it. Try driving traffic to your affiliate site by using three common strategies that are mentioned below. Use strategies that best suit you as some of them are paid.

  • Paid traffic: This strategy needs you to pay for traffic-generating at your affiliate site. This process is very helpful because as you pay there is the surety of traffic coming to your site. Make sure to have a detailed strategy stating till when you need the traffic to your website. Not having a proper timeline will ultimately make you pay more. Once you stop paying the traffic also gradually decreases.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is another very good strategy that you can use to drive traffic to your affiliate site. Optimize your pages to have a high ranking in Google search. Try to generate keywords in your content that people are looking for. As long as you have the right keywords traffic keeps coming to your affiliate website.
  • Emails: emails are one of the simplest ways to gaining traffic to your affiliate site. Send emails to your followers letting them know about new products and any happening that takes place on your site. This strategy is completely free and one of the best to keep your followers updated from time to time. Keeping them updated timely will help generate traffic because if your followers find it interesting they will directly enter your site.

Generate clicks on your affiliate links:

Affiliate marketing for beginners – Just by having good content and traffic in your affiliate site won’t help to generate clicks to your links. To make visitors click on the affiliate links you have to follow certain steps. Make sure to have linked all over the content. Keep it next to the product name so that visitors click the links if they want to know the product better.

Keeping your affiliate links at the bottom won’t help visitors click them as many visitors end up reading half of the content and are no longer interested. Use buttons and other attractive callouts like boxes and tables. Having an attractive box that shows the product to visitors has more chances of them clicking the link.

Convert clicks to generate sales:

Affiliate marketing for beginners – Visitors clicking your affiliate links are only half of the mission accomplished. To generate sales it requires two steps. The first step is clicking the affiliate link and the second step is then purchasing the product. As an affiliate it is your responsibility to make both the steps happen and to do this you have to be very cautious and make good relations with merchants who are capable of converting well. Always provide links for products that you think are in demand and visitors will like them. Some products which make no sense will never help you generate sales.


Affiliate marketing for beginners – Affiliate marketing is a very vital business that can give you good returns if you follow all the steps very carefully. All of these steps are the fundamental process of starting an affiliate marketing career and nothing is self-made. All these steps mentioned above are very beneficial for any affiliate who is new and is looking for a steady income in times to come. These steps finally will help you create an affiliate site that will have good visitors overtime and give good income.

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