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Affiliate Marketing: The Best Complete Guide for Beginners in 2020




Anyone would like to make money without getting up off the couch. A lot of people dream of waking up one morning, opening their laptop and finding a huge amount of money in their account.

Sounds good, right?

For bloggers and everyone else who is entirely dedicated to finding opportunities to turn their passive income dreams into reality, an affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners is akin to the panacea for all ills – one of the most popular ways to achieve this goal.

To date, there are many tried and tested tricks on how to derive maximum benefit from such a partnership. If you are just starting your acquaintance with affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners and a lot of things seem incomprehensible to you, do not worry. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners to get started today.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing complete guide for beginners – this is the promotion of products or services belonging to another person or company, for a fee.

In other words, you find the product or service you are interested in, advertise it to other people, and get a portion of the profit when it gets sold. 

The cost of buying a service or product through an affiliate partner is similar to the cost of purchasing the same product directly from the original website.

As an affiliate partner, you can receive a fee for each transaction concluded on your tip or provide yourself with a constant income by promoting any service or product.

Affiliate partnerships, generally, are represented by two main parties: the author or owner of the product (often called the seller) and a marketing partner. However, for successful cooperation, the participation of a third party is also required.

So the seller represents the first side of this equation.

The seller can be an advertiser, brand, or creator of the product. The author of the product can be either an individual or a Fortune 500 company.

Anyone can be a seller. However, it is not at all necessary that they are actively involved in the sales process itself. It requires only a product or service that is available for sale.

The second side is the partner.

An affiliate can also be an ordinary person or an entire company. Partners can earn on commissions from a few hundred to millions of dollars per month.

The partner takes on marketing tasks by promoting one or more products. They attract and convince potential buyers of the value of the product so that they decide to purchase it ultimately.

The third party is the buyer.

It is the customers who provide the entire affiliate system. In an attempt to attract the attention of the audience to the product, the affiliate will use any available and suitable channel to advertise it, and it doesn’t matter if it’s advertising on search engines, social networks or blogs.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

complete guide for beginners

First, you need to find a product or company that you want to advertise.

Start by looking for a service or product that, as you know, is relevant to your blog’s topics, and that will be useful to your audience.

Then you should register with the seller’s affiliate program. This will make you an affiliate.

After joining the affiliate program, you will be provided with a unique identifier for the partner, which should be included in all the links that you will place on your site to promote a service or product.

You can promote a product in different ways: through articles, product reviews, by email, through advertising banners, or intermediate affiliate landing pages. Thanks to the unique identifier, the seller will always know what you redirected traffic that came to his site.

When a user buys a product from a seller, you get a reward. But the money will be yours only when you sell goods for a certain amount. Upon reaching the set threshold, funds will be transferred to your account. This usually occurs within 45-60 days.

According to Google Trends, from April 2018 to March 2019, there was a 15% increase in interest in the term “affiliate marketing”:

Earnings Models – Complete guide for beginners

There are many options on how affiliate marketing can help you make more money.

1. Payment per sale

This scenario is the most common model of work in affiliate programs. When a consumer makes a purchase, the seller charges a partner a certain percentage of the value of the product.

Obviously, before the sale, the partner does not receive money, so your earnings entirely depend on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

2. Payment for lead (pay per lead)

With this system, you earn when converting leads. You need to convince the consumer to visit the seller’s website and perform a particular action, whether registering in the trial version of the product, filling out the contact form, downloading specific files, or subscribing to the newsletter.

3. Pay per click

Your goal is to ensure that a potential customer visits the seller’s website. To ensure that consumers are moving from your platform to the seller’s site, the level of involvement is crucial.

The more web traffic you can direct from your blog through a newsletter, or landing page to the seller’s website, the more you will earn.

Pay per click implies that partners receive a commission for each transition to the site. The change is carried out by clicking on the advertising banner or by the links placed in any other advertising material.

Important Affiliate Marketing Terms

Getting acquainted with affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners, you will come across many new and incomprehensible terms, but there is no need to worry. Below we have mentioned most of the terms used in affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliate link

As mentioned above, an affiliate link is what you will use to redirect customers to the seller’s website. This link is unique for each partner and is used to track the activity on your site, which will determine your payment.

2. Partner Relations Manager

This is the person managing the affiliate program on behalf of the seller. He will help you find ways to increase sales by advising the best methods of promoting the product, depending on its type.

3. Affiliate Network

This is a system that integrates a seller and a partner. It searches for partners with the most suitable sellers, ensures the functioning of a link tracking system, and prepares sales reports.

4. Commission (remuneration)

This is the amount paid to partners for the sales made. The amount for the transaction is usually agreed in advance.

5. Cloaking

In general, this term refers to the technique of “black” search engine optimization, when the information provided to the robot and intended for humans differ on the same page. But in the context of affiliate marketing, cloaking means hiding the tracking code included in the affiliate link for security purposes. Cloaking is also called the process of converting a long link to a shorter and more attractive one so that the recipients do not think that it is a spam link. For cloaking, you will need a special plugin like an easy affiliate link or WP Cloaker.

6. Landing page

This is a separate/intermediate web page that you will use to generate potential customers or sales. With it, visitors will go to the seller’s website.

For example, participation in the partner program of any platform implies the systematic attraction of users by placing a link in the footer/banner or a code of promotional materials on your website, as well as by creating an affiliate landing page.

7. Impressions

This is the number of times your ad shows on the page.

8. Niche

The topic on which you have focused your attention as a partner.

9. SEO

This abbreviation stands for search engine optimization. The task of search engine optimization is to improve the page or website that will allow them to be on the top lines of search results for specific queries.

10. ROI

ROI is a measure of return on investment. It demonstrates how profitable the investment was.

11. User Affiliate Revenue

All beginning partners are offered a standard tariff, but as soon as the partner begins to bring hundreds of sales regularly, many sellers switch to a proper commission size.

12. Payment Method

This is a form of calculating a seller with a partner. The most common type of payment is bank transfer or electronic wallet payment.

13. Two-tier affiliate marketing

This type of affiliate marketing allows you to earn money not only on your sales but also on the sales of those partners who have joined the affiliate program according to your recommendation/link. Each time their customers make a purchase, you also get a small commission, which is also known as a sub-affiliate commission.

14. Split testing

Also known as A / B testing. This is a method of marketing research, in which the control version of something (advertisement, text, headline) is compared with the test version that differs from the control one or more features. The purpose of the study is to determine the change in which trait improves the effectiveness of the control option.

3 types of Affiliate Marketing

There are several ways to receive and send traffic, and this brings a lot of variety to affiliate marketing. There are three main categories of affiliate marketing.

1. Traffic arbitration

These are pay-per-click campaigns, for the success of which you do not need either an industry expert reputation or an online presence.

There is no connection between you and the client, and all you do is offer potential customers to click on your affiliate link to the seller’s website.

To do this, you use advertising on social networks, search engines, and other sites, hoping that end-users will follow the link and purchase the product so that you can earn a commission. 

This type of affiliate marketing is especially popular because it does not require any blogs or fame from the partner.

It usually takes a lot of time and effort to acquire an online reputation in a niche. Many do not have this time, so the affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners option described above suits them perfectly.

2. Trust affiliate marketing

To engage in this type of affiliate marketing, you first need to establish yourself on the Internet through a blog, a page on social networks, a video blog, or podcast.

Then you will need to enter into an affiliate program and get a unique identifier. It should be noted that you can advertise products and services that you do not use and will never use.

Partner => Online Presence => Buyers

For example, you can be a blogger and blog about online marketing issues. In this case, no one will forbid you to advertise the services of web hosts or email providers. You can still make money on such marketing, even if you do not use the services of those you promote.

On most financial blogs, you can find advertisements from financial institutions. It would be a mistake to think that everyone who places such banners on the pages of their website uses these services and products, and this is normal.

Adding affiliate links to your site that are relevant to your niche is a powerful tool for organizing passive income.

You can place an ad in the form of a banner on the sidebar or as a text link under a blog post. Since you own a website and post useful content, web visitors can trust you and the ads you place on your site.

3. Affiliate Marketing Involved

Some partners only advertise products and services that they use or have used themselves. They value their reputation; therefore, they recommend only those goods in which they are confident. Such marketing is called affiliate marketing involved.

Unlike affiliate marketing partners, who can use links or banner ads to drive traffic to affiliate offers, the affiliate partners usually promote products and services through content. In such materials, they generally share their personal experience of using the product.

For example, if you like mountain biking and prefer a particular model, then you can expertly recommend it to your audience. Your subscribers will have no reason not to trust you, and if they need to purchase a mountain bike, most likely, they will contact the seller you recommended.

You can choose any of these three types of affiliate marketing, provided that it suits you. As Pat Flynn, an affiliate marketing expert advises, it would be nice to promote the products you used and know what they are from personal experience, not from brochures.

Where does affiliate marketing begin?

If you decide to choose a trusted or involved type of affiliate marketing, the first thing you need to do is create your blog. Prefer a blogging platform that will not limit you to a list of products you can link to.

After your site is launched, make sure that you place a page on it that tells readers that you will earn money on your blog and how exactly you will do it.

Be sure to add the Terms of Service page as well as the privacy policy.

These two pages will help to earn a little more readers’ trust and warn against problems with the law in the future.

Once your site is operational, you will need to do the following.

Step 1: Choose a Niche 

Is there a theme that you especially like? Something you can easily talk about, such as fitness, parenting, or mobile technology?

A niche is a topic of your choice. Of course, it is best to opt for the topic to which your heart lies, which attracts your sincere attention. This will allow you to create much better and more exciting content, and do it without too much fuss.

Step 2: Find Related Products

The best place to find affiliate products is affiliate marketplaces. Browse the products available for your niche and select a few suitable ones.

You can also look at the blogs of your competitors and see what products they promote and how they do it.

One product is equal to one revenue stream, so why not diversify this stream, that is, expand the list of advertised products? Choose several products from different sellers, and this will allow you to expand your affiliate portfolio and increase your income by several times.

One way or another, if you can make money through affiliate marketing, why limit yourself? Why put all your eggs in one basket?

You can advertise the products that you use! In this case, it will become much more comfortable to convince other people of the advisability of purchasing these products, because you will rely on your own experience.

However, this will be possible if the owner of the product is considering a scenario of product promotion through affiliate marketing. Generally, the availability of such an option will be indicated on its website. A link to a page with this information is usually placed in the footer of the site.

If the information on the product’s affiliate program is not available, you can ask the directorate of the company with a question about the availability of such a program. Perhaps they simply do not advertise their affiliate program to be able to recruit partners only by invitation. Contact them directly, and they can become your new client.

Merchants differ in conversion rates and commission rates. Having established work with different companies, you can increase your income many times and make it more stable than if you relied on only one supplier.

Step 3: Create The Right Content 

Content is king. Writing mediocre material, justifying itself by the fact that this will be enough for people, and they still click on the coveted link is impossible.

Remember that there will always be such buyers who until the last doubt in need of a particular purchase, and you will need to try hard to convince them otherwise. Sharpen your writing and sales skills, and you will feel the difference.

Pay attention to the style and tone of the text. For example, the approach to writing materials for those who are looking for car parts should be fundamentally different from the plan to preparing texts for those who want to buy child car seats.

Step 4: Promotion

So, after you set up the process of generating content for your blog, you will need to tackle the issue of promoting these materials outside and advertising the product.

Do not directly ask people to buy a product: limit yourself to a recommendation. If your tips are helpful to people, they will come back to your site again and again.

Advertising products through blogs and websites are the most popular method of affiliate marketing. But there are other ways also.

Off-site Affiliate / Blog Marketing

Don’t have your website or blog? No problem!

You can engage in affiliate marketing without it. Below we will tell you what options you have.

YouTube video

Surely, all of you have seen the so-called unboxing videos that demonstrate the process of unpacking a product. Think about whether it’s possible to shoot a similar video with the product that you intend to promote?

Tell about the product and show it to your audience. Pay attention to all its advantages and disadvantages that you consider significant.

After you finish your story about the product, mention that if you are interested in it can purchase it by clicking on the link under the video. 

Live webinars

Webinars take video format to a new level. Viewers can ask you questions and interact with you in real-time, and some categories of buyers appreciate this experience.

Banner advertising

The most common way to promote a product on the Internet is through advertising banners. This format is somewhat critical, but it may well serve as a good source of income.

Choose a site with high traffic, because this way you can show your banner to a large number of people. No content, video, or SEO is required.

All you have to do is find websites thematically related to the product you are promoting and earn maximum visits.

Find out if there are any ad slots available and buy them. Place your ad and wait for the traffic to appear.

Make sure that the amount spent on the purchase of advertising has returned to you in full, and you started making money on ads. This is known as a positive return on investment (ROI).

You do affiliate marketing to make money, right? Otherwise, it’s just charity. Charity is, of course, not bad, but would you do it for the sake of large firms?

Social media

Everyone uses social networks today, but mainly for communication and consumption of entertaining content, and this can be very useful for you. Properly made advertising will quickly help you get the desired reaction from the audience.

Your task is to attract attention and create an emotional response with catchy headlines and intriguing images. This will help achieve the target action and, as an outcome, the sale.

Advertising on forums

Do you consider yourself an expert in your niche? What about the audience?

Themed forums will help you to establish yourself as a professional and an expert. Try to be as useful as possible, and soon other users will begin to perceive you as a person who is knowledgeable in a particular topic.

Some forums allow you to place affiliate links on your profile or use them as a signature, which, is a reliable source of information, will necessarily lead to increased traffic to your profile page, and possibly the number of clicks on your links.

Of course, the questions you will answer must correspond to your niche and the products that you are advertising. Otherwise, all your efforts will be futile.

Intermediate Landings

As mentioned earlier, you can use more complex schemes with intermediate landing pages to increase the conversion rate, ROI, and control traffic flows (cookies, remarketing, newsletters, etc.) that you send to the advertiser offers.

You can create a landing page yourself in HTML or order a page in a design agency, but, generally, there is not enough time to finish the website for each stream to the ideal – therefore, ready-made templates are the best solution for CPA.

Some tips on how to increase your earnings from affiliate marketing

Do not forget: you have come to affiliate marketing to make money.

The basics of work in this area were examined a little higher. It’s time to answer the question of how to make your wallet thicker with money from affiliate marketing.

Here are some helpful suggestions.

1. Product and company selection

How do you determine if a product is right? Most likely, focusing on personal experience and the experience of other people.

A product of good quality manufactured by a well-known company is more likely to sell faster and better than those for which there is no guarantee.

Responsibly refer to the stage of choosing a product and company, because in many respects, your further earnings depend on this. If you want to advertise a product, but never used it, contact the company. Most of them are usually willing to provide their products or services for testing and review.

2. Think about the audience -complete guide for beginners

A different commission is assigned for the sale of different products, and this is normal. Of course, the prospect of promoting goods with a high commission is very attractive, but are you sure of their quality?

Advertising something of poor quality or inappropriate for the long term leads to the loss of the audience and the loss of its trust.

What does your audience like? What is your niche? Look for products that will attract the attention of subscribers because they are already interested in your topic.

For example, a blog dedicated to food could well promote gadgets and appliances that make the cooking process less time-consuming, new kitchen utensils, and quality spices for dishes.

3. Discounts

Yes, of course, that the products you are promoting do not belong to you, and it is not clear how you can reduce the price of a product. Nevertheless, you can try to negotiate a discount with the seller.

After all, who does not love them? The discount will attract the attention of consumers, and some of them will undoubtedly purchase goods, which will bring profit to both you and the seller. This is a win-win strategy.

4. Content quality

Affiliate links will be present on your website/landing page, blog, or channel always, at any time, day or night, and this is wonderful. But they should be served under the sauce of some useful and exciting content.

For a visitor to have a desire to buy a product advertised by you, you need to talk about it, demonstrate its value in solving particular problems, and reveal its advantages over analogs. This information can be conveyed in the format of product reviews, comparisons, presentations, and detailed analytical articles.

How to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners will allow you to live a full life, devoid of such “pleasures” as annoying colleagues and a numbing work schedule from 8 to 5, which can lead to mental disorders.

Making money on the Internet is great, but even better when the network becomes a passive source of income and brings you wealth even when you sleep.

However, to achieve this well-being, you must first work hard. Therefore, any tactics and strategies that can lead you to success in the field of affiliate marketing should be of paramount importance. Let’s discuss such a plan.

1. Do your research -complete guide for beginners

First of all, you need to study the product accurately. Promoting a product that will sell poorly will quickly undermine your budget, as well as the mood to work. Take the time to find out which product your audience needs and what it will respond positively to.

2. Build mutual understanding with the audience

Affiliate marketing will be a little easier when you choose a niche: this will determine what topic you will write articles on and which products you will advertise.

Work on attracting an audience is best to start at the start of the whole process, and after that – do not lose sight of it. Constant interaction with people will gradually strengthen their trust in you and increase the likelihood of purchasing your recommendation.

The idea is to begin to be perceived as an expert in a particular niche. People trust professionals and are often guided by their opinions when choosing a product.

3. Be honest with people

Staying honest when promoting other people’s products is easier if you use those products that you so much praise.

Many products are waiting in the wings. But this means that you must choose the first one. It’s best to take one that you are familiar with, that you are using, and of which you are firmly convinced.

If you recommend only reliable and healthy products, eventually turn into a brand that people will respect and believe. So you will build a community of like-minded people whose perception of certain products will largely depend on your opinion and feedback.

4. Use multiple channels to drive more traffic

To advertise a product on the pages of your site is a good strategy. But this does not mean that you should use only use that. Look for similar sites, place ads there, use the advertising opportunities in search engines and social networks. Expand your reach because your income directly depends on this.

5. Analyze the data

Data analysis is undoubtedly essential. Especially when it comes to traffic.

Monitoring how well advertising strategies work is necessary to know in which direction it is most profitable to concentrate your efforts, and which is best to refuse altogether.

Split testing will tell you which strategy gives the best result and how it can be optimized.

Many affiliate networks will provide you with basic statistics, but you need more information. Analyze everything you have, but always try to use additional tools to collect even more data.

6. Keep up to date with modern methods 

In the digital world, things are changing very fast, and the strategies you once called “proven and effective” suddenly become obsolete.

Competition is getting tougher day by day, and in order not to fly out of the game, you need to find the time and energy to continually learn something new and erase everything that has lost relevance.

7. Use tools

There is so much to do in affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners that it is very easy to forget and lose sight of something.

Add links, check that search engine optimization has been completed, analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and much more. At the same time, one should not forget about one’s productivity, because one always wants to do more in less time.

Significantly facilitate the work, special tools will help you, with which you can automate the execution of several tasks.

Remember: for any repetitive, monotonous work, probably a service or plugin has already been developed.

8. Patience and perseverance

As already mentioned, affiliate marketing, although it looks from the side quite understandable and straightforward actions, it involves a bunch of different jobs.

You will continuously have to learn something and put it into practice or spend countless hours waiting for the results.

At some point, you may be too carried away trying to advertise as many products as possible. Still, you should not spray your energy and attention, and it is better to focus on several products and fully realize your potential in promoting them.

The first few weeks can significantly lower your morale, because nothing will happen, but you will need to hold out until the first results. Do not give up too soon.

Instead, look for ways to increase your chances of success. Search for the shortcomings of your strategy, and when you find it, think about how these shortcomings can be neutralized.

9. Learn new things and be open to change

Affiliate marketing is a dynamically developing industry. You must be prepared for the fact that you have to learn something new continually, to master new technologies. Some trends will replace others so that training will become inevitable.

Keep your mind open. Something is regularly happening in this industry, and you just have to be prepared for change. If you do not follow the trends, you will simply be washed overboard.


Affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners is not just a trend, but a real business that can decently earn a living. To succeed, you will have to work hard, be open to change, and continuously learn, and the result will be worth it.

Stories about those who have already excelled in affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners should encourage you to do it immediately. At your disposal is a vast amount of resources and information that are available for use and which will help to start moving in the right direction.

Immerse yourself in affiliate marketing complete guide for beginners with your head, and your life will be transformed.


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