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Online Alternative Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow

Online Alternative Income Ideas

Best Online Alternative Income Ideas: Recently, online jobs have become another source of income for many people as they provide flexibility all the while, allowing you to earn some extra cash doing something that you enjoy.

Did you know that approximately 26.7% of Americans work online? Most of these people make a considerable amount of money. However, many individuals only consider these types of jobs as a part time gig and an extra way to make ends meet.

Whichever the case, there are some online jobs that anyone can do. Whether you are experienced or not, have a look at these top ways to succeed in alternative source of income.

Online Alternative Income Ideas

Day Trading -Online Alternative Income Ideas

When trading, you need to buy and sell packages of capital on the same day. Usually, traders do this by taking advantage of short-term fluctuations in price to make profit.

Trading can be a peril, and if you are not keen enough, you may end making huge losses. But you will be good to go when you master the simple skills needed to make extra cash.

Social Media Manager -Online Alternative Income Ideas

For millennials who especially love social media, being a social media manager could be a great opportunity to earn while doing something that you like. 

Thanks to the changing times, companies and businesses are now looking for ways to interact more freely and regularly with clients. One of the ways to do this is by enhancing their social media presence.

As a social media manager, you will manage your employer’s social media accounts, meaning you will be promoting their deals, content and interacting with followers. You may have to answer some of their followers’ questions, so it might help to know about the company’s operations.

Given that this is a relatively new scope of online jobs, getting a job may not be easy. But you can try famous freelancing websites like Upwork. Alternatively, you can approach a local business directly and offer your services.

Freelance Writing -Online Alternative Income Ideas

Freelance writing is, perhaps, the most common online job there is. Anyone who has a passion and talent for writing can try this out.

The good thing about freelance writing is that the field is quite wide. There are a variety of topics to choose from and different kinds of writing that you could do.

The easiest way to get started would be to find sites that pay for written content. Many sites are usually looking for writers all through the year. Job boards will also come in handy as you are getting started. Make sure that you improve on your skills as well as be at par with new trends to become one of the best in the venture.

Data Entry -Online Alternative Income Ideas

Many companies now require the services of data entry clerks to enter some data into their systems. Such entails tracking or shipment inventories among others. Essentially, data entry is among the simplest online jobs to get started on because all you need is a computer, internet connection and good typing skills.


Our last pick for online jobs that you could do is blogging such as affiliate marketing. Through this venue, many individuals continue to make extra cash. The real task with blogging is reaching your target audience. However, if you are creating relatable content that is helpful and on a regular basis, you should have quite a following in a few months. 

Companies advertise their services or products on your blog, which, in turn, gets a commission for every purchase made.

Final Thoughts

Online jobs provide a promising platform to make some extra cash besides the salary you earn from your 8-5 job, and you need not to be experienced to start. Although at first it might prove daunting, , once you get the hang of things you should be able to work comfortably from anywhere in the world. 

Best Social Media Marketing Funnel in 2022

Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

Best Social Media Marketing Funnel: Making your brand visible in the online world can be a daunting task when you don’t have a good social media marketing strategy. But with an excellent marketing funnel that incorporates content creation, a posting calendar, and other creative campaigns, you can engage your audience and attract more leads to your brand.

However, converting prospects to repeat customers can be challenging. Nowadays, marketing specialists have marketing funnels that move their customers from awareness to purchase. They contain helpful clues and ideas when making a buying decision and the best messaging and content for your brand to succeed in the highly competitive business field.

What is a social media marketing funnel, and how can you build one for your business?

What is a digital marketing funnel?

A marketing panel contains interlinked steps that help move your prospects to the final journey of becoming your customers. In the first stage, prospects are aware of your brand and are still considering it before deciding to purchase your products or services. After their first purchase, they can become one-time or long-term customers.

Below are the stages of a successful social media marketing funnel:

Best Social Media Marketing Funnel
Hand sketching sales or revenue funnel marketing concept with white marker on transparent wipe board.

Awareness – Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

Promoting your products starts with the potential customers becoming aware that your brand exists. Each business has a problem to solve and finds clients; you show them that you can solve their common problems. Don’t try hard to advocate for your products at this stage; rather, offer support and value. Give the prospects information to enable them contact your brand when they face such a common problem. You can achieve this through guides, webinars, videos, and blogs.

Consideration Stage -Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

Your prospects now know their problems during this stage and your suggested solutions. She will start to weigh your solutions against their problems and the information you have offered. Offer her enough information on your offerings during this stage to compel them to buy your products, i.e., via webinars and case studies.

Action -Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

The prospect has finally decided that your solution will help solve their problem. She will buy from your brand, and if different brands were selling their propositions, she would choose the best or most convincing one. Send the prospects newsletters, white papers, or free samples to receive more information about your site. Also, convince them to visit your site’s landing page and buy some products.

Retention / Loyalty

After the customer makes the first purchase, the other marketing funnels are geared towards making them lifetime customers. It’s easier to maintain an old customer than to get a new one. If you focus on building loyalty on the customer part, then they will also advocate for your brand to their network. You can achieve this through constant customer engagement and addressing any issues or questions about your brand.


It’s always wiser to craft a social media marketing funnel tailored to suit your business needs. Social media is a great tool for meeting new prospects, and you will also need to choose content, which is important in every stage of a marketing plan to succeed. This will help you succeed in your ventures.

Micro Niche For Affiliate Marketing: The Top Ways to Succeed

micro niche for affiliate marketing

Micro Niche For Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate websites are a perfect way of earning passive income through commissions on product sales. Finding a micro niche for affiliate marketing can be one of the most challenging aspects of business research for most affiliate marketers. Selecting a micro niche with no enough potential can give you little earnings for many hours of effort. Everybody says, ‘find the right niche,’ but how do you really find the perfect niche? Here is an exclusive look at ways to succeed in finding the best micro niche for affiliate marketing.

Micro Niche For Affiliate Marketing: The Top Ways to Succeed

Get Inspiration In Your Hobbies -Micro Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Building an affiliate site will be more enjoyable in a niche you enjoy. This makes your hobbies the best place to start. For instance, if you love cooking, you should consider finding a micro-niche in the cookware niche. The best thing about using your hobby to find a niche is that you are already familiar with the topic, so you will spend less time researching, making the writing process less stressful. To get started, make a list of your hobbies and check the one that you would enjoy writing about most.

Find A Micro Niche With The Least Competition

The more appealing to many audiences your niche is, the harder it is to break into. If you get into a too competitive niche, it will be very difficult for you to establish your space. Choosing a micro niche with less competition makes it easier to find your specific audience and rise through the ranks faster with lesser effort. The key to getting this right is identifying micro niches with little competition but sufficient traffic to make your time worthwhile.
• Create a list of niches you think are good depending on your hobbies
• Use keyword research tools to find out their search volume
• Find keywords in the 2000 to 5000 range of searches every month
Remember, you want to target several of these keywords to maximize traffic by increasing your potential audience as possible.

Target A Micro Niche With Depth -Micro Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Finding a micro niche with little competition is not the only successful tactic. Sometimes, going for a field with much depth in terms of content creation is the smart move. The more extensive your micro-niche is the more ideas and topics you can come up with, and the more content you can create, the more keywords you can rank for.
• Create a list of niches with much depth, such as exercising, health and cooking.
• Narrow down your choices until you find a micro-niche you enjoy researching and writing about.
If one of your hobbies matches the description and your choice, you might just have found the right micro niche for your affiliate marketing.

Research Earning Potential -Micro Niche For Affiliate Marketing

The next step of finding the best micro niche for affiliate marketing is researching the earning potential. What are the sources of making money? The reality is that there are great micro niches out there, but they don’t much potential earning. You should do a search through affiliate networks that provide a database of affiliate products, including the average earning per sale and the gravity score. A gravity score indicates how many affiliate marketers successfully sold the product in the last three months. Products with high gravity scores are hot cakes in the market, and you can consider getting into the micro-niche. After some research around the affiliate networks, you will hopefully find a range of products that are relevant to your potential niche. If you just find generalized products or no products, this is a sign that your micro-niche is not profitable at all.


The number of affiliate marketing niches is almost countless, and the micro-niches are essentially unlimited. All you need to do is finding a main profitable niche and target a very specific audience in the micro-niche. Selecting the right micro niche for your affiliate site is nearly as essential as the quality of its content. Combine the two, and you might just have a success story on your hands. We hope the listed ways to find the best micro niche successfully were helpful.

Email Marketing Services Review – 2022

Email Marketing Services Review: Email marketing plays a big part in the success of your business. Having the best email marketing service will positively impact your marketing campaign. Most people use email marketing because it gives one full control, easy to use, and enables personal contact with your customers. In this article, we will discuss some of the email marketing services available in the market.

Convertkit -Email Marketing Services Review

It is an email marketing service provider that is fully featured to simplify its use. It has an organized interface with several tabs; subscribers, landing forms and pages, automation, sequences, and broadcasts.


It shows the number of people who have signed in and subscribed to your email list and their growth. You can also access segments and tags to organize your subscribers. A signup form is also available for new subscribers.

Landing pages and forms

ConvertKit offers different customized landing pages and sign-up to help you gather more subscribers. Landing forms and pages are responsive and customized but landing pages are optional and hosted on a separate page.

Broadcast and sequence

They are the main types of emails you can send to your list of subscribers. Broadcast is an email sent once to all or part of your email list. A sequence is a chain of emails sent after a certain time like two or four days.


Marketing automation is key in sending better offers and content to your specific audience. Covertkit has a strong and easy automation tool to trigger the action needed.

Email Marketing Services Review

Getresponse -Email Marketing Services Review

It is one of the most affordable email marketing services to communicate and host an email database. Its price is competitive and enables email marketing, landing pages, automation, e-commerce, webinars, and sales funnel all under one roof. Getresponse has four plans that people can subscribe to; basic, plus, professional, and max. All of these plans have email marketing basics like Landing pages, responsive email design, autoresponders, and others.

As you climb the ladder of subscription you can access more services like automation builder available from the ‘plus’ plan and above. Conversion funnels increase with an upgrade of your plan. Webinars are only available to ‘plus, professional, and max’ subscribers. The price increases as you go up. The basic plan allows you to have one user account but as you climb the price ladder, the slots increase. Ecommerce is only available to subscribers of the ‘Plus’ plan and above.

Mailchimp -Email Marketing Services Review

Mailchimp is an e-marketing app that helps users connect their online store to customers for increased and better purchases. Mailchimp has tools that will drive and build customer relationships leading to more sales. The tools include automation, retargeting ads, and purchase likelihood.

Automation helps to keep the conversation going with your customers through email. Through social media, ads will remind the visitors about your products, and you can know the purchase pattern of your customers using the purchase likelihood tool.

Mailchimp enables you to increase traffic and steer repeat purchases on your site. Customer relationship management tool helps to connect strongly with your customers. Digital ads reach out to people on Instagram Facebook and other platforms to your site. Social media is used to create awareness of your business and products. With Mailchimp, you can analyze and understand what is best for our business and where you need to put more effort.

AWeber -Email Marketing Services Review

It is an email marketing app that enables users to create a mailing list, design newsletters, automate email marketing through auto-responders, and analyze all your email marketing push. Aweber has important features like list segmentation, landing page builder, split testing, and many more. Through Aweber customer support, you can have live chats with customers. AWeber app can integrate with other apps to make your work easier.

Aweber pricing is competitive in the market. it starts from $19 per month above 500 subscribers. This app is favorable for small and new businesses since they will not pay for their small traffic. As a business owner, it is wise to delete contacts of unsubscribed persons from your list. This is because AWeber will count them as subscribers if their details are still in your account. Aweber has now a new free plan for its customers.

Woodpecker -Email Marketing Services Review

It is an email marketing automation tool that allows you to send and follow-up emails from outlook and Gmail. B2B companies are the main users of the woodpecker. Businesses use it to automate, personalize and track their sales campaigns.

The main features include powerful email tracking where it automatically measures various stats like open rate, click-through rate, sent and delivered emails. The cold email personalization feature allows you to make every email unique and add a personal touch to the cold emails. Woodpecker will add recipient information like,

First name, 
Company’s name, 
The most liked website, 
The reason for contacting them.

Woodpecker allows easy email follow-ups and campaign scheduling. Setting out time zones and the delay days is much easier and automatic. The recipient will still receive the email whether they gave a response to the first email or not .it’s quite expensive compared to other e-marketing services.

NullBox -Email Marketing Services Review

The NullBox is an email privacy service that guarantees and protects the confidentiality of your inbox from theft and leak. In the online business world, sending and receiving emails is inevitable. Though the addresses are availed with good intentions, cybercrime is everywhere. NullBox ensures that your email address is safe from hackers, spam, and phishing attempts.

Email marketing is open to leaking your email privacy, NullBox helps you to manage different email accounts easily from your phone and at all times. Every disposable public email is called a Box. You can give your box out instead of the real email address. With NullBox, you can receive and manage emails. You can sign up for online services, sweepstakes, and mailing lists without fear of leaking your email address. In case you notice too much spam in your BOXES, delete them.

Nullbox allows full feature access with a 14- day free trial.

DeBounce -Email Marketing Services Review

It is an email cleaning tool used to get rid of spam traps, disposable, hard bounce, and deactivate emails from your list. It enables email validation which is vital for email marketers. Key features of DeBounce include;

  • Bulk and single email verification
  • Capture- all server detection
  • Domain check
  • Spam detection
  • Disposable email detection
  • Syntax check

It has a competitive price and uses the number of validations to set the price. One-time users can access debounce with $ 10. There is also room for a free trial.
Though facing competition from other tools, debounce is widely used to clean inboxes and save important contacts only.

Hosting Services Comparison Report – 2022

Hosting Services Comparison Report: Is your website host providing good value for money with the services you get? Well, this is something you should need to give a thought. Every start-up in the use of the internet has to seek hosting services to leverage the value of the internet. You would come across many companies offering hosting solutions in the market which makes choosing a problem. How then are you going to know the ideal hosting firm for your needs? In this article, you are going to get useful information that compares different hosting dealers along with key performance and operation elements to shed light on selection needs.

Hosting Services Comparison Report – Roles of Website Hosting Company

The importance of web hosting service providers cannot be ignored. These firms create the platform through which you can make use of your website without a problem. Many people seeking hosting services do not have any idea of how such firms work. It is crucial to ensure that you understand the duties a hosting company would be offering.

They provide space allocation on servers to ensure that your site is available to internet users. You would need this to store your website data and information. You would need adequate storage capacity for the volume of files you have on your website. The hosting company will offer peace of mind for this need. Most companies provide packages for unlimited storage space for their clients.

Running a website poses a security risk from hackers and having a web hosting service provider would ensure that the security of your website is enhanced. You would get notified of any suspicious activities on your site at any given time. In the wake of cyberspace attacks, you need the right professionals to manage your site accessibility. These firms are in the business of bridging the skills gap which exists for many website owners.

Web hosting companies work with their clients to ensure that they establish a working and effective website by providing assistance and monitoring solutions. Every operational aspect of using a website would be handled effectively by these firms allowing you the freedom to work on enhancing the content of your website.

Hosting Services Comparison Report

Comparison Table:(Hosting Services Comparison Report)

The comparison of Hosting Services are done based on the below categories:




Customer Support



  • User-friendly ideal for new webmasters, fast even with a lot of traffic
  • Its affordable host, new beginners get 63%off, free domain, and free site builder.
  • Very reliable without downtime
  • Goods support from the team with 24/7 access through phone, emails, and live chat options.


  • Offers a good performance score with less load time for convenient access to your site.
  • They have a good money-back plan but the monthly plans are expensive.
  • Market fastest of 99.9%
  • Perfect customer service.


  • Combines speed with innovation to deliver effective results for your website.
  • Long money back making it affordable for many. It s cost plan is affordable.
  • Excellent uptime
  • Offer easy procedures for engaging with customers leading the way for ideal customer support in the industry.

A2 Hosting

  • Boasts of record fast load time thanks to the SSD server technology making it ideal for peak traffic.
  • The charges for their services are average.
  • Relatively steady uptime.
  • Wide range of customer service engagement including live chats and phone calls.

Green Geeks

  • Enhanced server performance, very convenient to use for newbies.
  • Provides huge start-up discounts making it budget-friendly.
  • Very reliable with different server locations to choose from.
  • You get quality support from the Custer care desk.


  • Quality solutions with the freedom to set your website with pluggings.
  • Good for a low budget.
  • Fast with low downtime due to cloud servers.
  • A good interface for easy interaction with customers.

Go Daddy

  • Flexible hosting services.
  • A fair option for limited needs
  • Cost-effective.
  • Fairly reliable
  • Round-the-clock support.


  • You get quick load time for your website.
  • Lots of free packages us why you have from this firm.
  • Its uptime however falls below the market average at 99.74%.
  • Customer support is offered in different languages and a user-oriented interface.


  • Fair performance
  • Lacks monthly plan making it expensive
  • Great uptime
  • Slow response from support.


  • Great features.
  • Wide range of tools for easy use among novice.
  • Secure
  • Cheap option
  • Fairly ideal for the great experience
  • Fails to meet key support requirements such as phone support.


  • One of the best firms when it comes to performance index.
  • Require good budget to manage which makes it inappropriate for startups
  • Stable and reliable to give low downtime.
  • Interactive and expert customer service team.


  • Fast loading for your site is what this firm stands for.
  • Affordable with a free content delivery network.
  • Free migration
  • Good ratings for their uptime.
  • Interactive customer support


  • Easy to use interface, scalable which suites startups in the use of websites
  • A cheap option for hosting needs.
  • Matches many hosting firms in the market.
  • Reliable customer support

Name cheap

  • Fair load time and very secure
  • Offer a wide range of free options including domains and migration. This is an option to consider when on a budget.
  • Uptime performance compares well with the market benchmark.
  • 24/7 customer engagement.

Things to Note About Web Hosting – Hosting Services Comparison Report

Hosting Services Comparison Report in 2021

Every website would need different packages which fit its level of complexity. You need to have the right hosting company to enjoy using your website. Every dealer in the hosting industry is competing for available business which would create an overwhelming experience in making choices. There are many configuration options web hosting firms provide which you should be conversant with before engaging any dealer. I provide some key elements you should understand about web hosting solutions.

Hosting Services Comparison Report – Bandwidth

This represents the amount of disk space you need to run your website. One of the things you would have to evaluate for disk space is the nature of the content you use such as the amount of graphics, pages, and amount of traffic you expect. Bandwidth would be a vital aspect when shopping for hosting services.

Hosting Services Comparison Report – Compatibility

Web hosting service providers offer services using different systems and platforms. You need to ensure that you use the same system as the hosting company you deal with. This would ensure that you do not have to change your operating system to match the services provided by the host

Hosting Services Comparison Report – Reliability

Be the thing you have to know is that every web host will put claim great uptime, it is important to ensure that you evaluate such features stop match the average market of 98 to 99 percent.

Hosting Services Comparison Report – Security

You need to know about this component to ensure that your operations using your website are secure. The kind of systems used by the hosting company should support security measures. Ensure that your examination focuses on the safety of your data while operating in the host platform.

Hosting Services Comparison Report – Location

Where are the servers based? is a question you need to ask when dealing with a web host company. The emergence of cloud computing has revolutionized web hosting services across the globe with dealers providing a variety of location options. Ensure that you deal with a company that has distributed host servers to allow for flexibility of server choice.

Conclusion – Hosting Services Comparison Report

Every company would be ideal at some point in your business and personal cycle. It is important to check the aspects I have outlined above to make the right choice at the appropriate time.

Facts Of Passive Income: That Will Blow Your Mind

Facts Of Passive Income: Financial stability is hard to achieve, and you can earn passive income through affiliate marketing at the comfort of your home. Passive income from affiliate marketing seems so good to be true, but more people join the new shift in money-earning marketing strategy every day. It is okay if you have your reservation, but first, you need to research the topic before making your judgment. Here are five facts of passive income that will blow your mind.

Facts of Passive Income: Choice of Product Is Key:

Facts About Passive Income: That Will Blow Your Mind

When delving into affiliate marketing, your product choice is critical as it determines whether you get a profit or not from the venture. It is credible to have more than one product in your e-store; it might be wise to test the products that sell quickly on the market rather than invest without experimenting. You could pin the ones that sell the most on your stores to get a higher profit margin. Affiliate marketing involves exposing a client’s products to potential buyers who might buy the products. The highly competitive products will find a market and make your affiliate marketing booming. The products should meet specific needs, which makes them competitive and highly needed by the clients.

The Right Affiliate Marketing Service Will Do the Trick

Affiliate marketing has many options at your disposal, and this will affect your reputation. Some of the renowned affiliate marketing services that might have caught your eye include Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Commission Junction,, Rakuten Linkshare, and GlobalWide Media. You can learn about the sites that offer the best commission on your chosen products before deciding on the suitable ones.

Building a Target Audience Helps with Effective Marketing

You do not want to sell your products to the wrong market blindly, and you could narrow down on the target market by doing some market research. You can have face-to-face affiliate marketing, which involves an in-person arrangement. On the other hand, online affiliate works by creating excellent content that meets your prospective clients’ needs. The online platform might be the best option since more people are now attached to their digital devices, and blogs, posts, and cornerstone content might make your venture successful.

Facts Of Passive Income: A Niche Is Essential

You can create an affiliate marketing niche when you put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You will have to know the problems and issues the product address to meet the client’s needs. The niche will also be geared towards communities the products you are selling; you do not want to produce content that provokes the community.

Facts Of Passive Income:Invest In Engaging Social Media Presence

Engaging social media presence might act as icing on the cake, as it puts your venture out there in a social circle. A customized YouTube can help you replicate your brand’s voice, and it could help if you had an engaging Podcast channel.

The Bottom Line

It is likely to make passive income from affiliate marketing when you choose a highly marketable product. A niche can help you narrow down your marketing strategy as it allows you to reach out to your potential clients. Engaging social media presence replicates the brand’s voice and creates a stream of sales that boosts your earnings.